My six month anniversary is today and I can't thank WaniKani enough

I realized today that it had been about six months since I joined WaniKani, so I checked my email. It turns out it has been exactly six months (Today is the 14th and I joined 9/14). I’ve made it to level 16 and memorized over 500 kanji and 1600 words.

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve put this much effort into learning Japanese. I’ve abandoned any routine I’ve tried in the past out of frustration, distraction or simple laziness. Learning Japanese was just a long forgotten dream.

WaniKani makes routine so freaking easy though. I just get up, do some reviews and lessons and then do the same before I go to bed (with a little extra effort here and there). The fact I don’t have to manually decide what I’m studying makes learning so much easier.

I guess I should give a shoutout to the vtuber Calliope Mori, who first introduced me to WaniKani during a stream.

Anyway, looking forward to what the next six months have in store for me.


I’m at 7 months, and now that you gotten to burn items you can start watching that number slowly grow. I’m at about 14% burned in total.


Yeah, it is so satisfying to burn an item. Gone forever, baby! やった~


I feel you! I’m 2 weeks away from reaching the 6-month point myself and honestly don’t know how I’d ever properly learn kanji otherwise. When I took Japanese in university, we learned kanji purely through rote memorization and as soon as we’d move onto the next chapter, we’d focus on the next set of kanji, while kanji from previous chapters wouldn’t really come up. Our professor would also only let us write kanji on exams if we wrote the furigana as well, but there wasn’t enough time to do both so hiragana it was. Forever grateful to the Crabigator :crabigator:


Good luck on the rest of the journey. :blush::blush::blush:


Excellent. I’m very much the same. I saw Calli use it and I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t expect it to be so effective, nor to cause such a strong drive in me to get down to studying Japanese properly. It also came along at just the right time when I didn’t have to worry about other education or looking for work, so with nothing mire pressing to do in my free time, I’m just working my way through this and みんなの日本語1. Very glad things worked out the way that they did.


Completely changed my studying routine for the better. I can’t believe I had never heard of SRS before.

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