My review statistics

I haven’t been having too many issues, however, I think that’s for a few reasons.

  1. I’m not exclusively doing WaniKani. I also do KaniWani which is the other direction (EN → JP) and thus forces recall of the vocabulary which significantly reinforces the readings so much more than only the recognition side WK provides

  2. I spend quite a bit of time with every lesson really imagining the mnemonics with multiple senses and reading all of the context sentences for vocabulary. For example, I often get up, close my eyes, and do something physical as well. So, if it’s something to do with a flower, for example, I’ll physically do the typical motion with my hand as I would if there was really a flower there and I’m pulling the air to my nose and then actually inhale air through my nose while imagining a specific floral scent.

  3. I’ve been participating in the Absolute Beginners Book Club on the WaniKani forums and also spend time reading something every day. Most recently I’ve been spending a bit of time every day with Satori Reader which I really like despite even the easiest content being quite a bit above my current level. The fact you can configure it to use WaniKani’s API to track the kanji you’ve “learned” and only show furigana on the kanji you haven’t seen yet is amazing!

My current stats: