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Was just looking at my progress for a bunch of the level one radicals and kanji. There are many that I have gotten right 100% of the time (longest streak is 7/7, for example) with next review three months from now, but I am finding considerable variation within the progress meter for these. Some say 100% whereas others say 70% or 80%. What exactly is this meter and why doesn’t it seem to be consistent?


There is a small number on the far right that shows your total number of tries. For the first one the number is 28, so in the beginning you repeated it on the lower levels (the way it is intended anyway), current streak means that you got it right 6 times in a row until now to reach the level enlightened, longest streak means that you are on your best run because it is equal to current streak, it just saves the maximum “current streak”.

If you would get it wrong in 4 months and then right again, your current streak would be 1, while longest streak still 6, and the counter on the right 30 (probably?). The percentage refers to your total attempts.

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The progression percentages are an indication of your overall success percentage for reviewing that item. For the ones in your image, you have remembered the bottom radical perfectly so far - a 100% success rate - while the top one looks like you’ve missed it a couple of times when reviewing.

These are radicals, so they only have the one percentage indicator - their name. If you take a look at kanji or vocab words, they’ll have three percentage bars each, one for meaning, one for pronunciation, and an overall percentage which is a combination of the first two.

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To specify further, your first item has 71% accuracy with 28 total attempts, meaning you have gotten it correct 20 items and incorrect 8 times. Your current streak indicates that you have gotten the item correct 6 times since your last mistake. Meanwhile, your second item has 7 correct out of 7 attempts. The first item is much older than the second item, but you began getting it correct consistently slightly after you received the second item. As a result, both items have similar streak counts and SRS levels but drastically different accuracy rates.

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