My positive experience

Just to share my positive experience of Wanikani. I am studying a certificate worth 60 CATS at Level 4. So half of the first year of a degree. I have the same already in Mandarin and somehow imagined last year that I would be able to manage unacredited Intermediate Chinese at the same time as studying Beginners Japanese. I was wrong about this, and ended up quittingy Community Language Class and scraping a Pass in my first year exam in Japanese. The main problem here was that the approach of the Japanese teacher was much more textbook and functional literacy approach based and simply to participate in class demanded first and foremost engagement with Hirigana and Katakana. This year a former classmate who is a teaching assistant in Japan recommended Wanikani saying the first three levels were free. The results in my literacy were enormous and immediate and my sheer ability to learn in class multiplied thousands of times. I had my speaking exam this Thursday and it was a comfortable Pass which was great as the test was several times harder than last year’s reflecting the higher level expected. I am fully confident of graduating now, where as last year I was ready to blow a circuit the whole time. I am happy to recommend Wanikani to anyone at all studying Japanese, and I have found it has helped me with my Chinese as well!


We’re so happy to hear your success story! Good luck on graduating! :man_student: :woman_student:


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