My personal collection of japanese resources!

hi everyone!!
recently i’ve been working on my own site hosted on neocities. i plan to have it host resources for a bunch of different things, but right now i’m mainly working on it’s japanese resources page and japan travel page!

link to my site!! click me!

it doesn’t have a ton on it right now, but it has a decent small amount. it is a work in progress, after all!!!

it has a few different features, such as a filtering system to sort results to what suits your needs- although, currently you can only pick one filter at a time. i’m still working on adding support for more than 1 filter selection. (i’m really bad at coding javascript…) it has an updates tab as well, so you can see what was recently added.

other links related to the site;
index page
places to go in japan

for the japanese resources page and places to go in japan page, i’m currently taking suggestions for stuff to add!! you can reply with suggestions here, or @ me / message me on twitter @/luvosphere!!!

you can also support my site by sending a money tip through neocities’ secure tipping function! it keeps the site running on its current domain, as neocities makes you pay about $5 USD a month for custom domains lol. the link for that is here!

have fun kiddos!!! hope you enjoy the site! let me know your thoughts or suggestions!


Some of these I didn’t know about, I’ll definitely check them out later!

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