My new way of studying! ..Do you think it'll work?

Recently, I’ve started to use Kaniwani in addition to my Wanikani studies, only when I use Kaniwani, I use an app called “Myscript - Stacks”! It’s an app that turns your keyboard into a blank sheet to write on, and it recognizes japanese! I’ve been using that to write out my kanji, and Kaniwani picks it right up. I try to sound it out in my head, but occasionally, I’ve doodled the kanji without thinking of the proper pronunciation (“Sunlight” always gets me…) Anyways, I wanted to share this weird little method with others who might wand more practice recalling and drawing kanji! I use the app on my ipad, so i’m not sure if there’s an android/iphone version…

the only slight problem I’ve found so far is that it’s a little lax with the stroke order… although it seems like when you follow it, the AI picks it up better, you can definitely freestyle things. Also, it seems to hate the symbol for ten. I can never get it to work, it always types “t” and I’m making it as square as possible!! Another gripe would be that the lines vanish as you draw, after a slight delay. It’s challenging, but so far it’s helped me write kanji quick and accurate. other than that, I think it’s working pretty good!

If anyone wants to do this and has trouble with “Myscript - Stacks” I might be able to help~! It took me a little messing around to get it to work right.


This is great! I may start using this for typing writing everything in general :slightly_smiling_face:

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