My main problem with Wanikani

I’ve had the very same problem with forgetting some of the Burned items when I’ve seen them somewhere else and then I resurrected them to Apprentice, however, I kept thinking that Guru or Master might have been better…

What might mitigate this problem for you could be the Self-Study script w/ the Additional filters (include Burned items in Self Study reviews):

I’m really just repeating myself here, though since I’ve made a nearly similar post here.

Some time has elapsed since then, and I’ve decided to entirely reset my progress from level 45, since life got kind of really busy (my son was born and I kept forgetting everything I’ve learned up until then).

Now I would give a different kind of advice, just 3 things:

  • Don’t worry about forgetting, even burned items, it’s just part of the learning process.
  • Start reading/keep reading native material, that way even though you come across something that you feel you’ve already learned, it’ll just get cemented further in your memory.
  • Lastly, I think the interleaved cards of WK are a great help. If you’re having a hard time dealing with the reviews, that just means it works! The more you have to struggle find the solutions, the stronger those memories are going to be linked in your mind (I mean, that’s what the creators of the site say too, and I agree with them)