My Lvl60 Finnish story

Congratulations on your high achievements in Kendo and on “finnishing” level 60 of WaniKani. It was really fun to read about your fascinating life and experiences. Wow!! So amazing!


Congratulations fellow Finn!

I can really relate with some of the ways wanikani uses English that does not make sense to me. Many times the reading mnemonics were based on how an English word was pronounced and not written, so I ended up making mistakes many times because of that. In Finnish everything is spelled the way that it is pronounced after all.

I also just recently hit lvl 60, but haven’t had time to write my post yet. I am going to Japan at the end of the month and the preparations for that + university have taken a bit more time than expected.

Let’s keep studying and make the language a well used tool in our lives!


Thanks for the post! That’s really inspirational as I have a bit similar backgrounds of nomading overseas for work and studying Japanese for a long time on-off. I’m from Finland too, now living in Germany though. So I totally get what you meant about the nuances, I thought 合 meant a suit too untill I got the vocab for it. :slight_smile:

What helped me a lot with rendaku is a base rule:

  1. if it’s on’yomi compound then it doesn’t usually have rendaku
  2. if it’s kun’yomi compound then is does usually rendaku
  3. there are exceptions to these rules and you just gotta memorize those

“suattaapi olla tai suattaapi olla olematta”



Great post, and thank you for your insights as non-native English speaker. I wish you the best!