My lvl 60 post

Hey, at first i wasnt really sure if i should even make a post about it, but why not

First of all some stats :


The beginning:
I started by learing Hiragana and Katakana with the Help of Tofugus Mnemonics so i thought i’d also give their SRS a try, and i really liked it.
As you see i used WaniKani every single day which im honestly a bit proud of. I did the first levels while still physically attending University and i didnt really understand how the SRS was working so i just did reviews whenever i had time, resulting in pretty high level up times.

I believe somewhere around lvl 15 was when the lockdown started and i moved to my parents while attending University online and so i had a lot more time for Wanikani. I looked a bit into the SRS timing and optimized my level up times a bit, even tho “optimizing” might be a bit of an exaggeration xD

My scuffed schedule:
I used the reorder script to do Kanji whenever they became available but i couldnt go full speed since i couldnt change my totally scuffed sleep schedule… I woke up around 2pm every day and did all my reviews. Then i did some lessons and reviewed those later the same day.

Since most days i stayed up very late in the night playing games, i sometimes even did the second Kanji reviews around 2-3am but that wasnt really the best idea, since the following reviews woiuld also be around that time. So most of the time i just skipped the 2am review and did it in the morning. Still i never got more than 200 Reviews on the Initial daily review i believe, until i met the fast levels (see below).

Fast levels :pensive::
That was basically my schedule until i got to then fast levels. As you can see, i did the fast levels very slow, how ironic. After the first few fast levels i realized that i was getting overwhelmed, so i took some time on lvl 53 to get my Apprentice count down. After that i treated the fast levels like normal levels and just did around 20 of the Kanji first, and then the rest later. Thats also what i would recommend everybody who doesnt care too much about speed. Its much more relaxed.

What did i do other than WaniKani?
Other than WaniKani i used Bunpro for grammar, even tho im slacking a lot there and sometimes just doing my reviews every other day or even less. I plan on being more active there once i finished all my remaining lessons. I set most of my games and my phone to Japanese for some immersion and i would also recommend that to everyone else. I also bought some Manga to read in Japanese, but its really tough getting myself to read or get myself away from my Computer in general so i just read a few Mangas. In the beginning i also watched a lot of videos about Japanese, mainly from JapaneseAmmo or CureDolly and as im writing this i realize i should probably start doing that a lot more again.

Anyways, i cant think of more things to write about right now, thanks a lot for reading, if you have any Questions feel free to ask!


Congratulations! :partying_face:

I’m on the “fast” levels now, doing about 14 days per level :crazy_face:


Congrats, my man!


Congratulations. Btw there’s other apps if you want to read manga instead of the whole physical thing. It take time to get used them other than that i recommend them. Personally i use bookwalker

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Congrats :+1:

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Congratulations on reaching level 60! ^>^ :tada: :confetti_ball:

Please enjoy this cake!



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