My list of advice in order to reach level 60

  1. When you are going to be away from WaniKani for a while, even if this is for 2 days only, USE VACATION MODE
  2. If you follow #1, it’s very doable

I have never been good at making lists



10/10 great advice :’)

  1. Don’t reset to level 6

This is critical, you absolutely won’t be level 60 if you don’t follow this one.


If you rotate your badge 180 degrees, you’re still level 60



Problem solved.

Edit: Leebo’d by MissMisc while replying to Leebo, what are the chances…


True, resetting to level 6 just to prove a point would be even worse


No one said it was bad, it’s just not possible to be level 60 and do it. Priorities.


You’ve probably already said this elsewhere but… Are you going to go all the way back to 60? I’m guessing you probably won’t bother since you’re not lifetime? Just curious.


Why am I out of likes?!! *I’ll return tomorrow


Going back to WK after such a long break must have felt like:


thanks hun


@Leebo さん、がんばってね。


I like this list. Also Leebo’s contribution.