My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )



I’ve been waiting for this guide for kind of… since I started WK!
I mean there are many… like really many… lvl 60 reports. But this one is from the WK-Halfgod @jprspereira !!!

Thank you very very much for this really good structured guide! I had many of these ideas myself, but it’s really good to read them in a text from @jprspereira 先輩. And some ideas and informations are new to me (like the lvl 30 syndrom… I kind of started to feel exactly like you described it, but I couldn’t grasp the feeling)

Really great job!

BTW: I got to know you in my second week of WK by the means of this article about WK full speed. This one and many other posts of you helped me so much. You are so helpful! I love you!

~T :lion:


Haha, something that isn’t discussed that much around here :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

OMG SO SORRRY :sob::sob:

Glad to hear that it resonated with you :slight_smile: I’m still kinda recovering from mine, but we’ll get there :slight_smile:

NO, I LOVE YOU! :heart:


60 levels in 368 days? I bet you still have hundreds, or a couple of thousands, vocabulary words in your lessons! I just can’t imagine finishing 2000 kanjis + 6000 vocabulary in one year…

Not that I don’t use the reorder lesson script myself, I do, but I force myself to learn 9 new vocab words everyday besides the kanjis that are available (if there are any, 9 kanji a day too). In this way, if all goes well, I’ll finish WK in 2 year, with all vocab included. For me the vocab words are as important as the kanji, because they help a lot in the memorization of the kanjis, the readings, the alternative readings and, by the end of the day, we want to learn japanese, not the kanji by themselfs.


Haha, I’ve got 0 no worries :slight_smile: Everything’s controlled.

2 years is great! Learning Japanese is not just about using Wanikani. There’s a lot of other stuff to do. Plus, there are so many people that give up at level 3, 10, 30… It’s insane.

If you get to level 60, you won. No matter how long it took. You totally won the game.

What’s important is to understand if we’re doing our best and where we can improve :slight_smile: Anything else is just noise.


What about the people that get to level 60 and are unable to motivate themselves to do anything outside of WK and their studies stagnate, essentially resulting in them quitting half way through learning japanese.

Did those people win too?


U scare me


Unfortunately its reality. People care so much about getting to level 60 that they neglect everything else and when they do finally get to 60, they have yet to get their hands wet with anything else. Theyre back to starting something from zero and its hard to get yourself to do something else when you already have that satisfaction of “ahh, I did it, im done” in your head.


Thanks. I’ll remember this


slowly walks backwards into dark alleyway while maintaining eye contact


Why are you describing me?! I don’t consider myself as having quit, though.


A stagnation in any progress, to me, is functionally the same as quitting. It’s a discontinuation of your learning plain and simple, temporary or not. It can come as a result of many things, but that’s a whole different discussion.

With that being said, I don’t know your situation, so its not like I disagree with you (or even reasonably could if I wanted to).


I don’t disagree that halting progress isn’t great. But, I don’t think it’s necessarily the same as quitting. I haven’t washed my hands of learning Japanese yet. It’s just that after three years of WaniKani I felt drained and just wanted a break. But, these days I’ve just been reviewing the kanji I’ve learned and not progressing because I can’t find a grammar resource that can hold my attention for more than a minute.


I dont disagree since halting all things japanese related will make you slowly go backwards, whereas you are at least maintaining current knowledge. But with that being said, not learning anything new is not learning anything new. Not going forward is still not going forward, even if you’re putting in work to not go backwards.

I operate under the assumption that everyone here wants to be fluent and they are using WK to achieve that. Getting to level 60 is but a small part of that, so my original post was just asking if the people who stopped their learning after that still “won”.

Everyone who got to level 60 and didnt do anything with it had one thing in common, they all stopped learning. Just my opinion doe. Whether or not that is important depends on the individual, and you know yourself way better than I do.


My post was just a shitpost. akkoshrug

I do think that everyone has different motivations and not everyone is aiming for fluency, though.


I dont doubt it, and I would strongly advise those people listen to nothing I say.

In all honesty my first one was half a smug shitpost as well, but I thought there was actually some truth to it. Also I’m tired of the (imo) unrealistic expectations some people are putting in the heads of lower leveled people and I dont want them to be discouraged when they get close/hit 60.

I can only stand so much of people telling others what they want to hear. Anyways, ill disappear now.

Backs even further into the dark alleyway


I’m still surprised when I see level 60 people with barely N5 grammar and reading capabilities.

Also, just a general comment on starting another aspect of the language from zero and stagnating. One reason I think it’s important to balance grammar, kanji, and vocab, is that it allows you to start reading sooner. So let’s say I hit level 60 and can’t figure out what to specifically study next. Since I at least have a decent foundation in all (reading-related) aspects of the language, I can still read for fun in the meantime. So long as what I’m reading isn’t too far below my level, it should at least prevent too much knowledge loss, and hopefully results in a small amount of progress. The idea also is that you’re still having fun with the language, hopefully motivating and rejuvenating you for when you do find the next thing to study. Anyway, that’s my two cents.


I was talking about WK specifically. Of course, I still recognized that there’s so much more to do in the same post :slight_smile:

But yeah. Reaching level 60 is a win, no matter what you consider winning. In a war, you don’t just win 1 battle, do you? :slight_smile:

But no one is like that though xD Ask any level 60 that neglected everything else Japanese and they’ll tell you how they failed on doing other stuff :man_shrugging: Sure, just WK is far from the best solution, but I feel like the principle of “you do you” is still valid. I know nothing about other people to say that they failed. Failed on what?

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it quitting. I’d probably say that if you’re not growing, you’re strinking… but that doesn’t mean that it’s over.

I’m sorry that you see it that way.


Ok, just finished reviewing the Guide. Fixed a bunch of typos and nonsense text ( “I know that I know?” Whaaat?? ), improved the fluidity of it, etc \o/


was an interesting read. thanks especially for the script recommendations.


Thanks for the great work! Very useful guide!