My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


Assuming your job is regular 9-5, the most efficient way would be to do lessons right after work so that you have enough time to do the 4 hour review before bed. Then do the 8 hour review before work when you get up. The next review will be the following morning (24 hours later), then two mornings later you’ll guru and you can do your next set of lessons after work.

The important thing for each level is to make sure to get the radicals and the second set of kanji (the ones the radicals unlock) right.

Hope that helps, but don’t stress too much about it!


Im really curious how you have 2100 posts and 52 days visited. That means you post like 40 times every day xD idk i just saw that in your profile and was like uh wow. lol


Yeah, I’m doing that as much as possible, but for the second lessons in the same level the reviews will four hours after your morning lesson - impossible for me. Even without a job the closest I could get was 7 days and 10 hours. Do you set yourselves an alarm for doing the reviews? Sub 7 is not only difficult because of time management, but also because you can only miss ~3 Kanji in the second half of the level.


You can thank the poll thread for that. :wink:


I’m frankly impressed that you managed to complete WK so fast. Looking forward to the “maximum speed” section of the guide!



I’m going to be very succinct: Since I’ve reached level 60 with a solid N3 grammar, I’ve noticed that I could pretty much express my ideas with natives without much of a problem. I’m still lacking on the vocab department, but the thing is that at this point, I got bored with Japanese.

And I said that I was going to write the guide… and said it again… and again… and then wrote a little… and then I stopped.

Basically, I need weird challenges (like level 60 in 368 days), or I’ll get bored and do nothing.

So this weekend I’m fixing my routine to get back to rhythm. After Sunday, I’ll finish the guide.

I could apologize once again, but to be honest, at this point it’s embarrassing. I need to just shut up and write it.

I’m sorry :v:

PS: I’ve read your comments and I’ll take your suggestions into consideration, no worries :slight_smile:








@Ninkastmin <3


Just do it man!!




A surprise is coming in the following hours… :heart:


You’re resetting to level 1 to go through this journey again?


It depends. Will I be able to prove a point? To whom?


Reset to level 42 so Koichi loves you again.


I think that he’ll love me even more if I donate 42+ bitcoins to the Crabigator though.


With a fresh mind, I’ll correct some inconsistencies that might exist, but I can pretty much say that The WK Ultimate Guide is COMPLETED! :wink: :tada:

PS: That post from me that people usually recommend for leveling up is now chapters 4,5 and 6 (and it’s way more average speed friendly).

Tagging you guys because you asked for the Guide :heart:

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Obrigado gozaimasu :wink:
Now that I’m at level 39, I finally learn what level 30 syndrome is. I’m still motivated but I know I should be reading more.

Of note: in part 6 I think you mixed up the first and last half.

I think you meant the reverse.

Anyhow, thanks so much for making this guide. You’ve been a real inspiration to me and many others here. If your amazing facility with English is any indication, I predict great success for your continuing studies in 日本語 .


You’re 100% correct :slight_smile: Thanks for reading and for reporting the mistake! :grin:

Hope it was a good read, even for you as a level 39. You guys have been as inspiration for me as well, since the support you give me is always superb :slight_smile: Appreciate it!


24h vacation mode is genius. Congratulations on and thank you for writing this!