My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

Yeah I just hit it and I’m also curious… I only feel joy and despair in equal amounts, @jprspereira 先生 is that normal :joy: ?

Edit: STATUS UPDATE I now know what この番組は ご覧のスポンサーの提供でお送りします means and WK reminded me of 二女一杯. Joy and despair all over again.


I was only able to find you because you were there showing me the way to your heart to that same wisdom. Thank you for being so passionate and for helping me raise the bar to the next level :heart:

No, thank you for making me reach the climax of the Japanese language. I can’t wait to see you in here, next to me, at level 60. :couple_with_heart_man_man:

How couldn’t I share the love when I’ve met so many beautiful people in here? I was only able to love because that’s what I saw in all of you :sparkling_heart:

Of course we will. A relationship like the one we have is destined to bring us together, forever.

Adoro-te daqui até à lua,
Tuo amore.


Thank you so much Cara :black_heart: So sorry that I took this long to answer back

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, I will. I’m trying to reorganize my vocab and grammar study now. Then I’ll focus on listening/reading and finally on learning how to hand write kanji :stuck_out_tongue: So sorry that I took this time to thank you! I wanted to actually sit down and appreciate your message :slight_smile:

Thank you :heart:

The cool thing about inspiration is that it goes both ways :wink: You too are an inspiration to me, never forget that :slight_smile: Again, so sorry for taking this long to answer back. Had University exams, so life was kinda overwhelming :frowning:


Best graduation present :heart_eyes: Thank you and so sorry for only replying now! Life got in the way :slight_smile:

Appreciate it my friend! Don’t you dare giving up, okay? I wanna see you up here too :stuck_out_tongue: So sorry that I’m only replying now :frowning:

Hey, so sorry for only replying today. I so appreciate your words! I’m glad we were able to be in the same class indeed :wink: We all did great and I’m extremely proud of us :v::slight_smile: Just 1 more level, you can do ittttt!!! 飛べ~!


Haha, this community is great! :heart: Thank you so much and I’m so so sorry for only replying now. Life got in the way :slight_smile:

Haha, I ain’t no Life Coach. I am what I am because you guys are here to motivate me :heart: So I should be the one thanking you guys :heart: I’m so sorry that I took this long to reply. Life got in the way and I wanted to actually sit down to appreciate your message :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

Thank youuu! :heart_eyes: (albeit 18 days late… ). Sorry, kinda busy with life and I wanted to actually sit down and reply to your message :slight_smile:

Heeey! Thank you! :slight_smile: And of course you can reach level 60, don’t ever dare to think otherwise :v: Let me know if I can be useful to you in any way possible :slight_smile: And I’m so sorry that I took this long to reply. I really am.


Haha, I knooooooooowwwww!! I’m so sorry :broken_heart: I had University exams this last month so everything got a little busier. I finally have time to write something worth you reading :slight_smile: Already started writing it, might be posted in 2 or 3 days depending on how inspired I am to write. Thank you for waiting and for caring :bowing_man:

If I thought the level 30 syndrome was bad, the level 60 one is way worse :rofl: It pretty much has to do with the status quo of being intermediate level in one skill. It’s also a time when more is required of you to move up to the next step. It’s pretty much about my experience during those phases and a word of advice on how to overcome it.

Will try to release it in the following 2 to 3 days. Sorry that I’m taking this long :bowing_man:


what anime is this from?

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From this beauty :heart:


I’m really interested in what you have to say in your guide… checking every day if you already posted some of it :grin:
When can we expect the first part of it?

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I got triggered by the “そうです” hahaha ! Good post.

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haha, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Haha, I’m so sorry! :bowing_man: My attention is pretty much divided everywhere! I just started updating the post, so expect it to be done around tomorrow or so :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to this :star_struck:

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I hope the guide will teach me how to retroactively reduce the length of my WK journey from 400 to 368 days :wink:

Is it necessary to take special stimulants?


Maybe it’s a guide on how to keep a threadful of people in suspense for 368 days.


It’s a wonderful post it makes me feel like i shouldn’t give up thanks for sharing it with everyone

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Christ, that was powerfu! Started when I saw this response, just finished last night. wow. Also anyone enticed by the artwork and character design in this thread, do yourself a favor, and just watch it without googling it. (bc spoilers, and also its good)

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@jprspereira : Hey man. Thanks for starting to write your guide! It’s fun to read. Just one little thing (maybe I’m missing something…):

These folding subchapter things you have there are very unfortunate. Every time you change something in your Text within those, I need to look through all of them. Even in the diff-view where you can see the changes, you can’t just see where the changes happened if they are withing those folding subchapters.
Any way you could unfold these? Or have a changelog yourself?

:wink: Anyway, keep going!

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I’m not c-c-crying. Baka

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I’m almost out of level 30. I need to know what the level 30 syndrome is before it’s too late and it becomes incurable!


I can’t seem to get close to 7 days per level, even though I do reviews multiple times a day… What do you do when a review is scheduled to 4 am? Also I currently (during summer holiday) I have a バイト, which is 35 hours per week.

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