My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

majority of levels have three “waves” (assuming that nothing is delayed - that is, kanji >90% is at guru-I stage without errors on time [at 6d20]):

  1. [0d0] radicals, kanji, vocab
  2. [3d10] kanji (constructed with radicals from p1), vocab (using kanji from p1)
  3. [6d20] vocab (using previous kanji)

the last one comes together with the first wave of the next level, right after levelup.

that is, the important points for level up: radicals from wave 1 and then kanji from wave2.
all others can be spread as you like.


fast levels are different, and they will require kanji from wave1 to be at guru-I asap [at 3d10], but that does seem to be a different story…

ehh. it will happen quite soon, and… are they tasty, those fast levels?

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Short answer: Yes, it does :slight_smile:

Long answer:

I’d say that the timing of the lessons for the 2nd batch of kanji is even more important. You could even not do any kanji lessons for the first ~3d12h of the level and then do all kanji lessons once you’d guru the radicals. If you don’t mess up on reviews, you’d still level up in around 7 days.

Of course, this is not ideal… but just to add some perspective.

The reason why you need both batches of kanji lessons to level up is because you need 90% of kanji guru’d once in order to level up. Normal levels are called that precisely because the moment you level up, you unlock less than those 90%. That’s why you need the kanji that unlock from the radicals in order to reach that percentage :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can make it clearer for you.

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not that it matters much, but…

pedantic correction: it should be 3d10h, “for the fastest speed possible”.

levels? → days.

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Thanks, made it clearer now xD


I forgot to do this so it has been over a month but I am obligated to say your guide helped me a lot, I still come back here to review some tips. And scripts you listed changed the whole experience for me. Thank you so much for this awesome guide!


Glad it has been a productive reading for you! :slight_smile: Let me know if I can help you in any other way.


It’s been exactly one month since I read this guide and while i’m still occasionally being punished from the sins of my past (200+ reviews today), my overall workload has smoothed out considerably. WK has been much more enjoyable and I am looking forward to my first book club starting on April 2nd with the groups here. ! image|690x234


I’m not a forum guy, but I’ll return here on the January 2, 2021 as a proud level 60 member. It’s level 14 for me now.
Remember this message (or better don’t :D)

Building a weekly routine definitely adds a powerful feeling of tempo (thanks WK team for making level duration exactly one week!). Deviating from it is highly uncomfortable. Also, I’m doing it with my wife, who outrun me on early levels by about 5 days. So now she feels the pressure and my breath in the neck weekly, and I have a target to chase :smiling_imp:
The competitiveness helps greatly.


@jprspereira what if your sleeping schedule is completely different than the aforementioned 8am wake up time? How would your recommendations change if your routine means you sleep late and wake up late?

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Level 16 now :stuck_out_tongue: Well done! Seeing that you’re going at a pretty smooth speed :grin:

Now you’re doomed because I just added an alarm for that day :smiling_imp:

Glad it’s working for both you and your wife! Damn, so you’re both keeping up with fast speed? O_O It’s amazing to see a couple like this, both so dedicated and successful :grin:

Sorry that I took my time to get back.


The level cycle is 6d 20h, so you have 4h “to miss” weekly.

I usually spend them sleeping :slight_smile:
Wake up time doesn’t matter - the repeating schedule does.

@jprspereira the plank is high, the reward is higher. 17th, BTW :muscle:t2:

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Sorry that I’m only getting back to you now.

The actual time you sleep shouldn’t matter much. The scheduled routine (ex: 8am, 12pm, 8pm) needs 12h. I assume that even if you have a unusual sleeping schedule, you’re able to get those 12 hours in. What time do you usually sleep and wake up?

Those 3 intervals (lessons, +4h, +8h) can be done in 24 different times. You can do pretty much 2 models:

  • Wake up, do lessons, do 1st set of reviews 4h later, do 2nd set of reviews 8h later (12h total).
  • Do lessons 4h before bed time, 1st reviewing of lessons on your bed time and 2nd reviewing after waking up.

It’s not about doing them in a specific time of the day, but about making sure that you do your reviews the closest to the time they unlock, whether it’s at 8am or 1am. The 1st and 2nd reviews are the most important to develop a good memorization of an item, in my opinion.

I’d say that the biggest problem would not to be busy in those moments, not the sleeping itself :thinking: The 2nd set of reviewing doesn’t need to necessarily be 8h later, as I’ve found that even 10 or 12h later can give you a good accuracy in those items.

Not sure if I helped, but I’m not aware of your actual situation to be able to give you personalized advice :sweat_smile: Let me know in case you have more questions.


Crashed my pc and had to reinstall everything due to driver issues, good thing I bookmarked this thread with all the script pointers :pray:

Thank you for the thorough guide, I’ll write you on Jun, 1st :v:


ラッキー :sparkles: :grin:

Will be waiting for it! :slight_smile: Let me know if I can help you in anyway and I hope you enjoy Wanikani as much as I did :grin::v:

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This has probably been noted before but for those who are struggling to do the 4/8 hour interval schedule: those are the minimums. You can also do 5/9 hours and it’ll be fine, or even 6/10 hours. You’re still getting two reviews on your new items within a day of doing the lessons. Of course 4/8 is idea, but a normal work schedule doesn’t necessarily allow it.

I usually do lessons at 7 or 8, first review session at 1, second review session at 9 or 10, occasionally 11. This means that sometimes a guru or beyond item slips by a day, but at that point in the SRS I don’t think it makes a big difference.

If you’re trying to do each level as fast as possible, to the hour, this will slow you down. If you’re not, and tend to have ~10 day level up times or even more, it won’t meaningfully change your speed.

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edit: Edit to say that this guide has been amazing and technically I’m a bit before my 30 days but I’m super glad I read this after coming back 200 days into level 2. I’m mostly doing wani kani to fill in gaps since I’ve studied for awhile and this guide was a great read.

I tried searching the discussion to see if this had been mentioned but wasn’t able to find anything easily.

It’s impossible to go as fast as possible while also following the advice around when to do lessons (start lessons in the morning or 4 hours before last review).

If you follow that advice, you’ll unlock the 2nd batch of Kanji after your night review of the initial radicals on the 3rd day which means any new lessons you start will need to be reviewed while your sleeping!

You can fix this for the first level by starting 4 hours before your last review slot which nicely allows you to unlock 2nd set of Kanji on the morning of the 3rd day, but then you have the same problem of the next level unlocking right after the last review of the final day…

So for people going super fast like this, are you waking up at odd hours to complete reviews? or is there some other trick I’m missing.

It seems like if your goal is to follow the 3 review slots a day pattern the best you can do is 8 days per (slow) level which essentially accounts for you waiting until the next morning to start unlocked kanji/radical lessons in order to keep things aligned.

Given the time spent on talking about the timing of reviews it seems like it could be a good point of clarification when talking about ‘fast as possible’ later.

(Sorry if this was already heavily discussed above.)

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It’s not as bad as you think. Even if I do my lessons at 10am the guru review will pop up at 8pm, then you do lessons and first review at 12am. Of course if you miss it then you just accept you’ll be doing reviews at 1, 2 or 3am. Otherwise you can just do your lessons the next morning and miss half a day, so that’s 7.5, not 8 days.

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That’s one level. Since at max speed, each level takes six days and twenty hours (half that for the fast levels), then you’ll be starting each level four hours earlier than the previous one, so the level after that example starts at 6am, the one after that at 2am…

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking strictly on the 12 hours schedule but of course you do gain 2 hours making it not quite as bad. I usually do lessons at 7 or 8am which means I don’t have to stay up too late in that case. It does put the 8 hour review pretty early but only missing 1-2 hours in that case anyway.

A bonus is that if the next lesson will start in the morning so the schedule is consistent level to level:

8am 12pm 8pm 7pm 6pm * 10pm 6am 5am 4am *

Of course, if we’re targeting 7 days, we have 4 hours slack which we can use to keep the morning reviews at 8am (or whatever time we want) and then the only aberration is an extra review 4 hours after our normal review time mid level.

It might be worth noting the additional review time in the guide given how detailed it is though of course people will be fine if they follow the general advice of “do radicals right after you level up” and “do 2nd set of Kanji as soon as they unlock” even if that means adapting the schedule a bit.

Also good point that you can still get 7.5 even if you miss the 4 hour review.

Thanks again!

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I was pretty sure he was talking about the sane max speed, not the insane max speed. Otherwise why would he care about following a 3 slot schedule lol.


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