My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

Thanks a lot! Have been hurting my brain over it for some weeks now :')

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I’m pretty sure it’s been over a month now since I’ve been following your guide since level 1 @jprspereira.

I feel like I’ve unlocked some magical, secret anti-burnout rhythm thanks to the scripts you recommended. When I level up, I do all of my kanji and radical reviews immediately using the reorder script. Then I use ultimate timeline to check when the next batch of apprentice IV items are coming around; once I clear those out I complete as many vocabulary items as I can without letting my apprentice items go too far above 100, starting with the items from the lowest level. I repeat this until I eventually hit 0/0! Not only do I rarely have to worry about backlog from past levels even with a fast leveling pace, I also rarely have so many reviews that I can’t sit down and complete them in under 10 minutes. It feels like too much of a win/win so I know a fast level’s gonna screw it over somehow.

Something else that’s been incredibly helpful is Jitai (especially the wonky banana font). It was frustrating in the beginning, but now I find myself rarely hovering over the text unless I’m super unfamiliar with the stroke order and it looks like a similar kanji. This has been incredibly helpful with reading comprehension since even a slight difference in fonts used to throw me off. I feel like Jitai should join the scripts that make up the cake, since as long as you download a variety of fonts (and don’t fear the banana!) you’ll likely rarely run into that issue of only knowing what the text says after taking forever to decipher the font. Vive pixel-y old JRPG text boxes!

I never thought I’d be excited to log into WaniKani every day, so thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. :smile: I look forward to checking back with this guide at a later level.


Thank you, @jprspereira .
It has been a month since I started WK using your guide, which I have found to be indispensable. I refer back to it a lot. I have found Progress Plus, Specific SRS Level, and Override to be my favorite scripts so far, surprise surprise. It’s amazing how fat fingered and unobservant I have found myself to be on WaniKani. Unfortunately, if I have too many scripts installed it just crashes my Chrome, so I am pretty limited in what I can do in that regard.

I feel like I have fallen into a pretty good rhythm with WK, and I now do actually look forward to my reviews every day. I’m starting KaniWani/KameSame today, because I don’t want to fall behind in Kanji reproduction. Which has definitely started to happen.

Thank you again for your very helpful and well-written guide.



Oh my gosh!!! The planning when you do lessons makes so much sense… Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Unknowingly, a month has passed already since reading this thread.
So, this is kind of a report, as requested in by @jprspereira
with #MessageMe tag :slight_smile:

Was the guide useful?

— Definitely, to the point “Why it was ignored up till now?”, though strictly speaking the information provided in this guide has just solidified already deducted information about the best course of actions, like: how to minimize time, efforts (ah, sure… not), and such.

And some more under the cut.

There was prior-WK knowledge of kanji, vocab, and it was collecting dust for some years. Surprisingly, that knowledge has been quickly regained, converted to somewhat more usable form with just 3 levels of WaniKani, and this trend continued till level 12, when more than 1/3 of kanji and vocab appeared to be new.
Here it should be noted, what everything was learnt/reviewed in WK for Android, which did not contain any reordering, therefore on reaching level 17, it become noticeable that reordering is needed.

And at this moment this guide was read, from the first message to the very end, noting all good moments, one of the most important among all those points was about an amazing app Flaming Durtles (much appreciated, @ejplugge for your application and patience with all requests!). So far (with exception of wanting some certain features to be considered for implementation), it has everything needed for learning in WK style, and it provides needed reordering.

At the same time, WaniKani does not delve deeply in many areas, like etymology of kanji, semantic-phonetic evolution and such - and learning this information is one of steps in the current learning process. Whenever new kanji is offered by WK on leveling up, such kanji is checked for its history, pronunciation, etc., and personally, it seems to work somewhat better than learning it with mnemonics.
Such learning outside WK is possible because there is time for that (and this is having full-time job) – sometimes there is more than a day without reviews to do, but at level 30 it might be necessary to slow down from the current average of 6d20h per level.

And coming to and keeping with such way of resurrecting knowledge of forgotten kanji and learning about new ones would not be possible without reading this guide and thread 初めからお割りまで - and, of course, without WaniKani and all community in general.
Hopefully, it will remain being fun, interesting, relaxing, to continue in the same way, up to level 60 and beyond.

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Hey! I appreciate the kind words! :slight_smile: How’s that enthusiasm for Japanese? Going strong? :muscle::heart:

I know that feeling :sob: Not sure if worth doing the change, but I believe Firefox is not as heavy as Chrome, and could help fixing that problem :v:

Ohh, I’m glad that you took the initiative! Well done :grin: Hope everything is going as planned! Let me know if there’s any other way I can help :slight_smile:

I’m very glad that you were having a very steady and comfortable progress and that the guide was part of it :slight_smile::heart:

I’ll take it into consideration, thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Did something happen since your post? Willing to bounce back to the hustle? :muscle::heart: Let me know if I can help.

I’m deeply sorry for taking this long to reply, but I seem to get distracted in replying to this thread lately :eyes: だめだ

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I totally agree with it. I wish Wanikani would dwelve more on the use of radicals to distinguish similar kanji. It gives a tremendous advantage when comparing similar kanji together. A bunch of easily mixed kanji are no longer mixed up. It’s just great :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you’re having such a positive response to learning! Nothing better than enjoying what you’re doing :slight_smile: Thank you for telling us your lovely progress so far and I hope everything continues smoothly with that same energy :muscle:


I’ve been wanting to improve this guide for a couple of months (yay to 先延ばし), but it has gotten to the point when not doing it is bringing me more stress than actually doing, so I guess it’s time :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Roadmap:

  • Add info about special SRS intervals for levels 1 and 2 and explain how they work/when can a beginner expect things to start heating up.

  • Add suggestion of doing recall (ENG → JP) on another SRS platform (Kitsun, Anki) over Kaniwani/KameSame - write pros and cons on doing so.

  • Add section to help people set smaller goals (reaching level 30, 35, 40…) based on the reading info charts available on wkstats (trust me, it will be pretty cool).

  • Update the script suggestions with newer/better ones (Kumi and Sean making epic scripts too often).

  • Update “Threads on the forums that you should know about” with the 2 new Japanese only sections and the lovely flaming android app everyone has been talking about.

  • Update level 30/60 graphics with more updated ones.

  • I changed my opinion on some stuff. Let’s rewrite that.

  • General improvements of the text for clarification/simplicity.

  • Cringe about something I wrote 1 year+ ago, as if it was a Facebook post from my crazy teen years. :white_check_mark:

Let’s see how long it takes me to do this :v: initiates public pressure


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Oh. Oh right

Yeah it’s a good app :eyes: :joy:


You’re going to the thank you chapter :eyes::ok_hand:




It’s been definitely more than a month (I just passed got past 100 days in my streak). I think the best advice I got was for pacing and doing lessons at planned times.
Also the reordering advice.

I’ve been doing ~25 lessons every morning, and hitting very consistent 8-day levels (can’t get 7 because that would require lessons in the evening). Also have an unbroken 0/0 streak thanks to this, so that’s nice :smiley:


Ohh, you’re doing so great! I’m glad that you’ve been having such a positive experience :grin: Do you feel like this quick progress has been helping you with your exposure to Japanese?

I’m aware of that, I’ve stalked liked all your posts on that thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly the other way around, i already had N2 before I started, so i think that’s been helping. Only reason I’ve been able to maintain this peace is because i still generally get things right^^

I’m out of likes, but please do feel liked :grin:




this is awesome, thanks for sharing.
also i like how the community uses gifs; which makes the post/ replies even better imo


Hey, I’m glad you could find this thread useful :slight_smile: Let me know if I can help you in any way ^^

Here’s one of the best gifs ever:


I haven’t managed to read all the comments here but wondered if you changed the script at all in order to go as fast as possible or is it all with the default script? I’m trying my best this year to get as far as I can and using your level up times as a guide however I haven’t changed the script at all so far and I don’t want to, so wondering if it is possible with default settings?

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Well I think it’s been a month since I got into Wanikani and read your guide. Most definitely the thing that helped me the most was your extensive list of userscripts, particularly the wanikani override script. Saved me many a time from being too careless.

However sometimes I double tap enter too fast when I’m rushing through reviews and am unable to correct a typo I made. Is there a script that can help with this? Just recently I typed ‘se’ instead of ‘see’ for the 見 radical; double tapped enter and lost some of its progress even though I definitely know it. If there is no solution then I’ll just have to remind myself to go slower but thought I’d ask in case.

Another thing that really helped was the scheduling and mention of the SRS intervals. 4, 8, 24h really helps to plan learning of new items.

Should be entirely possible. However you may want to get the override script in case you make typos, your leveling will be delayed otherwise.

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There the Double Check user script mentioned a bit above:

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