My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

Hi, @jprspereira, it’s been a month since I’ve read your guide! The number 1 thing your guide helped me with was building my own schedule.

When I was starting Wanikani, I felt like all the really successful people were waking up in the middle of the night to do reviews. And since I wasn’t, I lost motivation. I still did reviews, but eventually I stopped.

In February, I started catching up on Wanikani again, but I was still taking really long to do levels, which I wasn’t very happy with. And then I found your guide and read it! I built a schedule and it’s helping me a lot. I’m definitely doing much better with my reviews, and I don’t see Wanikani as an annoyance anymore. Your guide is very helpful. Thank you so much!


@jprspereira Guess who’s close to 60! ^ u ^
Hope you have a lovely weekend ~


Thank you for the Guide, hope you are doing good. :blush:

I saw the “Workload” Graph and was kinda sad, that it just shows the total number of items in various stages. So I wanted to know, how many reviews I had to do per day, if I go through Wanikani at full speed.
A few hours of Python later I ended up with these graphs:
This graph shows how many Items there are of each type to learn in each Level. Just like the Graph from @abdullahalt, but not as pretty, as his.

This graph shows the number of reviews someone has to do, if he goes through WaniKani at full speed with an acuracy of 100%. BUT with the assumption, that he starts learning the kanji after all radicals are at Guru AND he starts learning the vocabs after all kanji are at Guru.


It still happens, but less often if reorder is off. I notice it happens more when I use the other script that allows sentences to be read during lessons.
refreshing the page loses lessons done but not tested and allows a new batch to be done again before crashing again. Crash is not really the right word the lessons freeze with a yellow warning strip over them. Other parts of WK still work fine.
SLOW internet may play a part…

So, to make the quickest progress (for normal levels), I need to:

10AM: Reviews + new kanji (finish new kanji within 3 days)
2PM: Review apprentice kanji
6PM: New Kanji (optional alternative schedule)
10PM: Review

Yes (and also to get them right).

That said, a lot of people burn out on full speed, and very very few people manage to sustain the workload throughout the entire course.

Unless you have a specific reason to go full speed, I recommend going at the speed that feels right, and to change it if you feel the need.

Ok, thanks!

Something I’m not sure if has been mentioned here before, or anywhere else, that probably should be included in your guide is that for Wanikani, there is no difference of doing your reviews at 3:01, 3:30, or 3:59, they all count as doing them at 3, so there is no need to rush in to do things as soon as they become available, you don’t miss out anything waiting until you are finished with whatever task you are doing, as long as you get to them by the end of the hour.

As far as the rest of the guide, This is my 3rd real attempt at gettng through this, hopefully all the big life changes that have caused me to fall out on this system before will either not happen, or be less of a disaster and I can really see my dreams through, and as such, they are things that I’ve heard and seen before, but cataloged into a nice easy to reference place, and that is a big service to anyone who needs these things. kudos to you


Thank you so much for posting this guide. I’ve been debating committing to this and I feel inspired.


Learning how to use the override script saved my life. I type too fast and will often make a stupid mistake where I type in hiragana instead of English or English instead of hiragana or will make a typo. This has made my leveling up so much harder and confused me in times when I thought the answer should have been correct only to realize I hit the wrong button. Thank you so much for this, it is incredibly useful and much appreciated!!!


It is so worth it! I am almost to level 6 and I have seen so much growth in my vocabulary. I am able to start picking things out in anime now and I’m getting decent at reading on a kindergarten level with Genki and Lingo Deer supplementing my workload. Definitely do it! That being said, wait to start paying until you hit level 4 so you don’t pay extra.


I only came looking for userscript recommendations but ended up reading the whole thing. Aside from having a bit of a break between levels 3 and 4 while deciding whether to commit to a subscription, I was achieving the early levels within 6 to 9 days using the stock WK experience. Things started going downhill when at level 7, that’s when I started noticing leeches (almost exclusively on readings, I don’t seem to be struggling with meanings at all) so looking for advice on scripts is how I got here.

Anyway I’m now following your advice and will be back in a month with an update. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive description of your experience and explaining the userscripts :+1:


I would be lost without this guide! The scripts bring out Wani Kani’s full potential particularly override and ultimate timeline, i’ve actullay enabled most of them tbh. I had a good routine going and then i fell ill for 5 days throwing things out of wack. Now i’ve got 99 level 4 vocabulary to review for the first time! Trying to blast through it all the best i can today. Your guide has given me the motivation and means to achieve my goal of level 60 by JLPT Dec 2021. No idea if its possible but a man can dream. Thank you :slight_smile:


How many “unnormal” levels exist?
I assume they have 90% of the Kanji in the first batch, right?

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41-60, with the exception of 42, 45 and 48.

A lot of those levels have little or even no radicals, so you indeed get 90+% of the kanji right off the bat. ^^


Thanks. So I will hit them “soon” if I can keep up my current schedule.


Anybody recently at 41? shows 28 kanji in first batch, 2 in second. Which makes more than 90% and a fast level. Nevertheless my Wanikani 41 has 28+4. So no fast level. Does wkstats need an update? Did other fast levels change too?
Perhaps no 368 days any more?


2 kanji were added to level 41 on Wanikani on July 25th. These might not have been added to wkstats. I think somewhere in the thread it was confirmed that level 41 is no longer a fast level.


41 is not a fast level anymore. Wkstats:1001 is updated I believe


10001 to be exact