My journey + future goals

hey reader, my name is julian picasso, – its my middle name. i never immersed myself in the wanikani community but checking on the first and only post of my “introduction” to the community back in 2018, i was warmed by the few folks who not only said hey but said something engaging which was welcoming ~

in attempt to immerse myself again this time around, i want to give a brief introduction to my journey studying japanese.

i started studying japanese back when i was 18 in the fall of 2017. i pretty much swore (haha) that i will move to japan. my brother was a heavy influence to my interest in anime which sparked my interest in their culture & life over there. i finished that first fall of freshman college and dropped out. at the time was making yt videos & working, so my parents weren’t thinking i was doing something ridiculous for pursuing such goal. (to move to japan)

i started going to kaiwa (conversation) clubs which introduced me to a friend who after studying for sometime put me onto his personal methods of studying ---- wanikani. i enjoyed it and i enjoyed the feeling of being able to figure out sentences & the world around me mainly because of knowing the drumrolll kanji.

it became a lifestyle worshipping the crabigator. everymorning woke up to review then finished off the reviews at night. it felt good. and the homie who put me on was studying with me too. i made it to lvl 10! but that was it… my priorities were changing as i enrolled into a fashion design program at LATTC. i didn’t do much studying since. ill pick it up but never was consistent… its been almost FOUR years now and i just finished the fashion design program. at the time being 18 i wasn’t of any value to be in japan.
but now im older and have something to market myself with… —

i don’t know if my goal is to still live in japan but i still want to see the place!

my goal for 2022 is to get my reviews down to zero and maintain it. doing hundred a day to get there… i took advantage of the sale this time & got lifetime!

thx for reading & wish you a good year! studying & living
& what are your goals this year for wanikani?


Level 30, participating in the Manly Racers study buddy race :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy new year, and good luck with your kanji journey!


i just checked that out! thats so sick the people are getting competitive… wish you luck on ur journey too, sleepy !

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