My Japanese Journey so far - (Advice Please!) - Beginner

For textbooks, Genki is quite popular. You can look it up at Amazon. If you buy Genki, make sure to also buy the workbook as exercises will make the new knowledge stick much better. There’s also Tae Kim Grammar’s Guide (completely free and online - google it). I’d suggest Misa from Japanese Ammo however. She doesn’t have that many videos (so you’ll eventually run up of things to learn), but what she has is very solid. Here’s her first video of her series for grammar. Follow the numbers on the video titles. She had a playlist with all the videos, but I don’t know what happened to it. When you run out of videos to watch from her, I’d then advise to check Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide and maybe a physical textbook (if you’re willing to spend money).

In terms of kanji, Wanikani is the perfect place to be :slight_smile: Just show up every day to do some lessons and all your reviews from that day and you’ll be able to read kanji in no time :v::grin:

Here’s a very detailed list of resources for Japanese developed by this lovely community :v: