My image for 'sound'



Anybody else got any good references?


Jisho is decent

I was thinking more along the lines of memorization, like the scene of them standing in front of the screaming sun from Rick and Morty to help remember ‘sound’ from the sun and stand radicals.

If you stood on the sun, you’d certainly make a sound.

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Lol that’s a pretty good one!

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Thank you, somebody get’s it.

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I really enjoy coming up with mnemonics sometimes, especially if I can find a good image to go with them. I don’t know if this is quite what you’re asking about but I want to show some of them anyway :smiley:

買 = buy (radicals are Sauron and clam)


周 (ghost radical) = circumference
WK wanted you to think of a ghost as having no circumference, but I wanted to think of a fat ghost that you couldn’t put your arms the whole way around.

These ones are based on specific things I like:

化ける / ばける = to transform (which always used to give me trouble)

(^ this is a gif of his running cycle and I love it)
I hadn’t found the bat transformation when I made this, only the wolf.
(Castlevania - Symphony of the Night)

出血 / しゅっけつ = bleeding
しゅつ makes me think of blood shooting out, せんけつ is the name of the character.
(Kill la Kill)

助 / じょ= help (top hat and power radicals)

It doesn’t exactly fit, but I just love that image so much xD
(Professor Layton and the Lost Future)

This fit 苦 (flowers + old = painful) beautifully
(Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu)

A lot of my mnemonics end up being to do with stuff I’m reading / watching / playing at the time, so it’s kind of like a nice little record of when I made them. Obviously they only work if you know what they’re referencing, though, so I don’t know if they’d be of any use to you ^^"

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That’s some good stuff, thanks for sharing :grin:

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