My burned extra study session

I just used the burned extra study for the first time and was really happy with my results so I figured why not share them along with the 2 gripes I had with the system.

I had a 100% success rate up to my 62nd item which was 大きさ (size) I just really forgot the whole さ = ness that the meaning text talks about.

I then completed it with a 219/224 (99%) rate.


The most surprising failure for me was the onyomi reading of 木 (tree) I could only think of き for some reason I wish I thought of 木曜日 (Thursday) because I definitely would’ve figured it out then.

As for the two gripes:

The first one is that on vocabulary the reading said didn’t always match the reading I typed it would always just say the primary reading, which was very obvious since I always use doublecheck to type other readings or meanings. So for example if it was the reading for 一日 and I typed ついたち then it would still be read with the primary reading of いちにち or 日本 would be にほん even if I typed にっぽん.

The second one was that on the final results screen it didn’t count my mistakes at all as you can see:

It says I got 100% even though I very clearly didn’t if you look at the practice again button it says there are 224 items, also when refreshing the page to see if the mistakes would pop up it was just completely empty as if I didn’t do a practice session:

P.S. all the pictures are worse than the first one because I took a picture of a recording of the final screens rather than the native resolution kinda freaked when I refreshed and nothing was there luckily it was all on camera.


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