Multiple verbs modifying よう

I had been playing a game when I found this sentence “頭痛が、する。ズキズキと、こめかみを襲う刺すような痛み。”, 襲う and 刺す are just two separate verbs modifying a noun よう, and I checked, niether 襲う刺す nor 襲い刺す is a real word. Is this a typo or have I always been missing a huge grammar point?

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I read it like: こめかみを襲う、刺すような痛み。
襲う is modifying 痛み, not ような.
Basically, it’s こめかみを襲う痛み。 What kind of 痛み? 刺すような痛み。


You seem to be corret, however 痛み is now modified by a noun よう and a verb 襲う without verb taking any special form. I expected て- form, am I wrong, I am genuinely very confused.

Nevermind I understand now :exploding_head:, thanks alot!

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