"Mulcher" translation?

I’m keeping a very basic daily diary in Japanese, making note of a few of things I’ve done each day.

I garden a lot and would like to know how to say/write mulcher in Japanese. I found mulch in jisho, but not mulcher - do any of these guesses work? マルチ機、 マルチング機、マルチ機械、マルチング機械。


Do you mean something like this: プラスチックマルチング敷設機

No, but I’m not surprised by that - the Japanese wiki page on mulch was mostly about plastic.

I’ve added a link (via the word mulcher) to a photo of mine I’ve posted previously - it chops up garden prunings and other greenwaste into organic mulch.

Edit: Your suggestion does lead me to favour マルチング, though. Any idea of the nuance between 機 and 機械?

  • 「ガーデンシュレッダー」(garden shredder)
  • 「粉砕機」(ふんさいき - grinder)
  • 「草粉砕機」(くさふんさいき - grass grinder)
  • 「枝粉砕機」(えだふんさいき - twig grinder)
  • 「剪定枝粉砕機」(せんていえだふんさいき - twig pruning grinder)

Seems like all the above works : )


Maybe a woodchipper? ウッドチッパー

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