Moving CSV audio files to Anki folder

I have a 10k deck but some of the audio files are missing. I have the folder up and I can see which ones are missing by looking at the CSV for the 10k deck.

I can’t figure out how to move missing files from the CSV to Ankis media folder. Can I somehow export all the audio files from the CSV into a folder and the copy them into ankis media folder?


Since a csv file can’t contain audio files I am a bit confused about what you mean.

In general, yes, you can just copy missing files into Ankis media folder and if the name (myfile.mp3) matches with what has been defined in the card ([sound:myfile.mp3]) then it will work.

Why do you have a core deck with missing audio files? Can you download another one that works? There are plenty of versions of the core deck on the internet.

This is the CSV here

I got it from this post

I downloaded the template and imported the CSV and everything is working the way I want with the exception of a few audio files missing from the folder where Anki pulls the sound from when studying the cards.

I realize the CSV folder is only text now but I have no idea how Anki pulled the audio from the CSV and created mp3’s in a folder from it.

I’m at the point where I am just going to manually retrieve the audio from FORVO if you need to work with code to extract the information from the CSV.

Is it possible that you had a different core deck in Anki before and the files that are found are still there from that deck? E.g you already have the Core 2k files in there but your new deck needs morre.

What you want is an apk file, not a csv file. The apk will hopefully contain everything you need.

This is the file linked in the post:

If you download that apk it is just a “template” for the WaniKani format OP made.

I just downloaded it and installed it again and nothing changes in the media folder.

You can see there is around 60 audio samples missing. All of the media populates once you import the CSV file. I figured I could somehow unpack this data from the CSV but I think Anki is somehow doing that with a script.

You can see the corresponding file are in the CSV

No, what I linked is not a .csv file, this is an .apkg file. That is why it can also contain audio. It might also contain a csv file or be based on the same structure but the file ending is .apkg.
But it is called “Demo” and in the original thread it is mentioned that this is a template. A complete core deck should be something like 40 mb or more if it contains all the audio files. This file is only 1 mb and contains 68 cards.

What are you even trying to do?

This for example should be a complete version of the core deck:

Since you are new to Anki it will probably be easier for you to just start with a complete core deck, get familiar with it first and then adjust the template later. Or do everything at once but you will need more than that “Demo” thing.

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That fixed it. So when I loaded the .apkg all of the audio started working in my deck.

You were right. The deck I have is a template and a CSV has all the info but that .apkg had all the media in it.

Thanks case closed.

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