Move 逝 and 冥 from Level 60 to 30~

It feels kinda sad to see such 忌まわしい words when you reach Level 60.

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And how often before did you encounter the expression? :eyes:


Id say 逝 should be moved to level 15 since that’s when 去 shows up and 逝 is only one radical off of 折.

I’d say the same for 冥. Move it to the teens somewhere since you get 星 and 界 around that level as well and all the radicals should be learned by then.

Side note: Now I know the kanji for when they say 冥府 in 王様ランキング :wink::+1:

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It isn’t the frequency but the feeling.
It would be much nicer to end off the level 60 journey with positive and inspirational feelings.

As @alo suggested, 逝 is quite similar with 去. Also 冥 can tie in with the death, hell, paradise levels.
There are plenty of kanij in the lower levels which have much less vocab and frequency, eg 墟

Then new kanji such as 孜, 浩, 旭 can be added.

Even though I already know both characters, I feel they are appropriately placed. I rarely come across 逝去 and 冥王星.

One character that really needs to be lowered is 書, especially when wanikani teaches 狼 and 苺 before it. I think 図書館 was one of the first three-character compounds I learned to read. Unless they want to oddly emphasize they don’t care much about writing . . . lol


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