Motivation Challenge me

I’ve been studying for 5+ years
Lost motivation
Just can’t study as of late
Huge mental block

I love taking on big wild challenges
So drop me your study schedule below and I will try it for a day.
Pleeeeeeeeease. Please please
Please please please


Renshuu Grammar Practice in the morning
WK reviews/lessons at 4PM
Read One Punch Man
Watch One Punch Man
Be One Punch Man
Review new lessons before bed


6 years in or so. Motivation is not as high as it used ot be.

  • most of my time is spent writing stories for my site. The hint here is maybe it’s time for you to start outputing.
  • I read Harry Potter twice a week on my way to the office
  • I use a premade Harry Potter deck on memrise. I had a few cards every other day.
  • when I feel like it I watch yuna play FF6.
  • I have started taking classes ith a tutor on italki (once every other week)

Typing it I realise it’s not that bad after all. I just remember being so productive when NHK news web easy was my primary source of learning.

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Found this on r/LearnJapanese, might help with your thinking process.

“Too much choice.”

We hear this a lot here.

Permit me to share something that has never once stopped being relevant in decades of navigating this language. I need to take you back to the year 1985. December.

There’s a scene in Rocky IV where Rocky is training for his upcoming fight against the towering 7ft Soviet juggernaut played by Dolph Lundgren.

These guys couldn’t be any more different. And I don’t just mean their size difference; in this case, their training regimes - We see Dolph training in the crazy high-tech Russian gym. It’s all metal, angles and smells like the distant future. Jump-suited lackies and every imaginable piece of weight-training technology you think of; machines with red LEDs and gauges, and recessed lighting. It’s blurring treadmills, dials and white-coated Soviet scientists with clipboards as far as the eye can see! Dolph is plugged into machines that whirr while he’s running. So many devices, and there’s electricity involved, somehow. Shit with wires is strapped to him - hell, there’s DATA being spat out! Imagine fucking that. Data on paper!

Rocky? Yeah. Rocky is out the back of the farm, pulling logs through the snow.

How on earth can Rocky compete with that, right??

“Why you even bothering, Rock?” Asks a well meaning friend. After all, Dolph has every resource in the world and Rocky, well, he just has his shitty snow drifts. What is even the point indeed? The playing field isn’t level. Where can I get Dolph’s soviet setup? It would be so much easier if it were just level, right?

Well, herein lies The Thing TM. It is level. And Rocky fucking knows it, too.

Your body can’t tell the difference, Rocky chides us, between what it’s hauling, where it’s hauling, or how many white-coated soviet-scientist eggheads are watching you haul. It straight up doesn’t know and does. not. care. Same goes for your brain when you study. ← Now read that last bit there again. It’s important.

The Point: It’s not about WHAT you study, it’s THAT you study.

Let’s stretch this analogy a touch further - imagine you’re looking to lose weight. You jump on reddit seeking a little guidance guidance, and find that the boffins are arguing all day trying to figure out WHICH hill to climb up. There’s no consensus, and then some dude says you can go for a swim. Or eat a salad. But…which one of these is The Answer? I see lots of skinny happy people who’ve obviously figured it out - so best just ask and replicate that. But, what gives? So many people on reddit saying it’s this or that. Now suddenly there’s this other guy that says push ups are the way to go! Wait, so now PUSHUPS are an option?? Gah, won’t somebody just bloody tell me WHICH HILL to climb to lose weight dammit!!!

POINT: It all contributes.

Is one of these routes/methodologies the clear winner over the other? If you make one choice rather than another, is it going to make a meaningful impact down the road? Not really eh? You’re still going to make progress → Especially if you compare it to deciding NOT to do any of it. Action is the only thing that matters - and lack of action, well that will surely impact your weight lost journey and Rocky will be disappointed in you. What Rocky is showing is us that some people might walk up hills all day. Others may go full-fucking-bore on the salad route… ALL HELPS. All of it. Anything. What matters is that you do something and you will Kick Dolph’s soviet ass your brain will Lap. That. Shit. Right. Up.

The answer to the question of “What should I study?” Is always going to be:

What to study = The one that stimulates and engages you to continue.

It’s not about the opportunity cost of doing one thing vs another, or missing out; you’re not “doing it wrong” (and never will be) by choosing one thing over another. I’ll say it again just in case - Whatever keeps you engaged and continuing is the right method.

And so it goes.

Rocky knocks out Dolph. We get better at Japanese.


I’ve been there too.
This time its more just studying at all.
Kind of like when you want to go exercise but you can’t even put on your shoes.

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Review and do something you enjoy in Japanese. Even if it’s a thing you already finished.


Do your WK reviews when they appear
Do your WK lessons if you have any
Listen to seiyuu free talks, interviews on the commute and japanese music

After work
Read Japanese light novel when you get home from work to relax
Watch YouTube cooking or street food related vids in Japanese
Listen to more Japanese music while you cook

1-2 hours before bed
Don’t study Japanese anymore. Turn down the lights and just do something quiet and extra relaxing and let your brain rest for the night.

Well, that’s my “schedule” at the moment, which is really just, me doing stuff I enjoy. So, a habit.

I think for now, how about not study the hard stuff but just relax. Sometimes, it’s best to just rest and digest the stuff you’ve learnt. Maybe all that immersion has gotten a bit much? if so, how about just consuming English speaking media for a while? Just to get that out of your system, not feeling trapped by a schedule or demands. I do that as well. I try to avoid forcing studying at all costs. I only study when I’m up for it.


Motivation is absolutely irrelevant, if you ask me, you need discipline.

Set out a time of the day, every day and just study. Whether it’s 15 minutes to do a few WK reviews. Do it. Every day, without fail.

Motivation will come and go, it’s dependent on your mood, the weather, sickness, priorities.


This is it. You have to interiorize it as brushing your teeth or combing your hair, don’t even think of it as having an option, it’s stuff we need to get done.


Sometimes I would rest, but with a goal of doing something important after that. Goals set in advance with various priorities and requirements. Taking a detour works for resting too.

Maybe some minimal goals at some specific time and specific place.

Otherwise, switching stuff around. So, I alternate listening with reading, or perhaps music. Do I enjoy them? They are actually a mix of enjoyment and feeling of overcoming obstacles.

Perhaps a class, or a dedicate hour in weekends, works. But I don’t think anyone can escaping keeping themselves motivated.

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In my very early days of learning my schedule was-> Read Japanese for Busy People and Minna no Nihongo → fall asleep while studying → wake up → back to studying and rinse and repeat.
What I found later was I was studying far too much and too seriously - someone had to point it out to me when I ended up with a long time of not being motivated and forcing myself to study (not a good idea!).
I ended up having online lessons with tutors who are fun, one tutor I have really keeps me motivated to keep going -so any good tutor or friend (Japanese friend or a study buddy) will help! I will have a different lessons with them like reading a storybook or manga, one I have lessons even has cookery lessons - so when I’m getting tired of textbooks just having one different lesson helps me get motivated again as it’s like a fun award for me.
For self studying when I’m tired I won’t study textbooks for too long and just study what I feel like - read a book, read manga, watch a Jdrama even just listening to Japanese songs. I won’t follow a strict schedule.
I always make sure I find time to have some relax time. If I have enough time during lunch I’ll watch that Jdrama while eating lunch but recently now I just have a set time when I will stop studying for the day and just play a game in Japanese for a while. For me I find it’s very rewarding seeing how much I can understand now compared to a few years ago!


This was really fun.
I haven’t touched grammar in months and I haven’t been watching any anime for awhile.
It was a bit hard to focus on the anime but I still enjoyed it.
I read some manga.
Losing my hair a little by little so I know I’ll be one punch man one day.


I’m on a phone so can’t find my previous posts on motivation easily, but it’s a common topic here:

I agree with the comment about discipline.

Ultimately, habit trumps motivation. I’m a big fan of streak tracking and stupid tricks to reward yourself whenever you accomplish the minimal goal.

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The first years, I was all about discipline > motivation but after 5+ years it becomes a different game : my Japanese is already decent, progress is slower, and my goals and hobbies have changed.

To put things in perspective, 5 years is a fourth of the lifetime of a 20 year old and I know a lot of people who start learning Japanese are < 20.

All of this to say, whilst at the beginning I relied a lot on discipline, I rely more and more on motivation.

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People already said it, but yeah. You should not rely on motivation. Discipline and habit-ification is much more important than motivation. Of course, motivation is great, being motivated is greater, but it will come and go, regardless of how much you are interested in that topic. Embrace the discomfort


When in doubt, pain is the way.

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I won’t go that far. I know it’s pedantic, but pain is different from discomfort. Pain is physical stimuli that (generally) signals to halt whatever you are doing while discomfort is a state of mind. If something is giving you pain, rest is well-advised; it doesn’t have to be a literal injury that has to cause you pain, being overworked is also very painful. The discomfort I’m talking about is more in the lines of “uhhh, I don’t want to do it”. Training yourself to tolerate this urge is the thing that start turning the gears of the “discipline” we are talking about, separating the action from will-power, motivation, or any other general reaction.

And I would argue, sometimes it’s best to just take a rest and do something unproductive. We are not a robot after all, and sometimes you really do need it. Being better than your yesterday-self is a commendable idea, but doing it your entire life will be unsustainable, don’t feel bad to give them the #1 spot time to time


x90PT is lol !


I would say, it’s good to have discipline, but be mindful about yourself enough so as not to break. Willingness is like that, come and go, and probably major trends are different from short instances that you feel.

It’s ok to be uncomfortable, so as to acquire something big; as it can be said, it’s a mixed marathon.

It probably still remains good, to have strong schedules and plans, especially early in the journey.


Doubt people would doubt whether to cause injury to oneself or not. Was talking about pain when choosing two different paths, chances are that it’s what you should be doing instead. Usually end up in a much better outcome overall.

Wacking yourself in the head with a hammer, yeah, don’t do that.

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