Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


Mhm it can also mean telepathy but it’s not as nice a phrase
The goo dictionary defines it as 無言のうちに心が通じ合うこと。which isn’t quite how I’d define the English word “telepathy”.


I mean, considering 心 is the most common word used for “mind,” it is how I would define telepathy.
In a manga I read about actual telepathy, they referred to it exclusively as the ability to 心を読む。


欠伸あくび - yawn (´Д`)


Ah true, but I don’t think of “telepathy” as being a mutual thing. For instance you might have a character who is a telepath who reads minds against the will of the other person or without their knowledge. 以心伝心 reads more to me like an act of mutual communication? I haven’t seen it used in a telepathy context though.


This discussion made me want to rewatch Saiki K. And what do you know, the word shows up within the first 9 minutes.

It shows up when he links his parents minds so they can hear eachother’s 心の声. He uses the word テレパシー for being able to hear everyone’s thoughts, though

Sorry for the bad quality. I can’t screenshot Netflix, so I took a picture of the projected video.


Ooh that’s really interesting! I never thought I’d learn so much about this word haha.

Edit: Googling this has brought me to vocaloid videos. Perhaps I’ve gone too far.


The specific context I saw it in was a Higurashi audio drama named, of course, Ishindenshin. While I referred to it as telpeathy, I guess it is technically more like “sense sharing” in this context. They taste the same thing as each other, both get drunk when one drinks alcohol for example.


Oh hey, I’ve been slowly working my way through Higurashi too. Didn’t think to check for drama CDs. Are they pretty spoiler-heavy? I’m not sure when I’m ever going to finish reading it.

The whole sense sharing thing is interesting.


I was intentionally being vague about it because yes, the dramas spoil quite a bit, you should definitely finish the main series first. On a related note, there are also quite a few arcs that never got translated, so those might be worth giving a try if you can track down the Japanese console version.


I’m actually playing the Japanese PS Vita port so I’m going through a bunch of the side stories right now (they force you to play them in order to continue the main plot -.-). They seem to be kinda hit or miss.


Edit: Made this a post reply rather than a thread reply by accident, but, umm … あくび could be 握日, or “grip day”. Devoting a whole day to grip exercises sounds rough, though; it’d probably be a bad day.

Learned this one quite by accident:

(“Never skip the presumption of legitimacy!”)

For the record, “leg day” seems to be called simply レッグデイ or 足の日.
I wonder if I’d be understood if I called it 足日 (あしび), in all its rendaku’d glory.


How did you learn that?
Any good Japanese etymological dictionary recommendations?


I googled 人参 語源 and looked at various explanations in Japanese. I do have a character origin dictionary, though. I’ll find the link in a minute.

Edit: this one

It’s just kanji origins though, not words.


My co-worker had a Gudetama bag at work, it said 聞こえない…聞こえない😁


Very cool. Thanks.


FINALLY learned the Kanji 名! I learned the on’yomi is めい. I already know the kun’yomi is な from the movie 君の名は。So, look forward to getting that vocab later to ace it. :sunglasses:


間接キス - Indirect kiss



I’ve seen this show up in anime a few times (the scenario, I never noticed the word), and my reaction is always “this is a thing?”.


An indirect kiss? xD Yup, it’s a thing. I meaaaaan… I don’t go とても恥ずかしい when I drink from a friend’s cup or anything :joy: I guess I think of it as a playful way to act cutesy? :thinking:


I just learned 戦車 - tank. Because why not. I just love WK and all the things its teaching me. Best bucks I have ever spent! :crabigator:
And one of the most helpful and fun communitys there is.:grin: or is it communities?