Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


hey watch it, pal

思い込む, and many other ways to use 込む



I have learned that I am a 堅気(かたぎ) because I am neither a Yakuza member, nor a prostitute, …




装置 (I don’t know why but that looked so weird to type in)


I need to do ふっきん exercise more ふっきん regularly


試着 - trying on clothes (e.g. in a department store)

I’m really surprised this one is not in Wanikani. It’s a perfect candidate for level 12 since 着 is introduced there, and 試 is (now) introduced in level 9. It seems like this would be a common and useful word.

And it also gives you 試着室 :star_struck:


ゆで卵の詰め物 deviled eggs

I was trying to explain what I am making for Christmas, but there is no easy Japanese word for it. So my (Dutch) teacher talked it over with his (Japanese) wife, and this is what they came up with. It was a whole thing in the WhatsApp-group :joy:

I also learned 茹でる to mean to boil (an egg)


I just saw 東京特許許可局 in an example sentence and was like, there is no way that’s a real place.

Fortunately it’s not, it’s just a tongue twister. A cruel one.


Meaning salt. I learned this one from playing Shiritori on Rocket Languages.


And it comes up in Level 17.


Good, then I am one word ahead!


玉ねぎ in lesson 3. I’m finally reaching the important part of the vocabulary… food!


from jisho:


  1. dark-skinned person; well-tanned person. ​Derogatory, See also 白んぼ
  2. (wheat) smut​
  3. stagehand (in kabuki); prompter​. See also 黒衣 くろご

I just went over 黒人 in WK, and was wondering about the… less polite version.



Literally, to grind sesame seeds, however, means to butter up; to try to get on the good side of.

Had to look up how this related to sesame seeds, the explanation I found was when you grind sesame seeds in a suribachi (すり鉢), a traditional grooved ceramic grinding bowl, the seeds get stuck to the sides of the bowl and are hard to get off, just like a person who is eager to impress to you is hard to get away from


My girlfriend says it’s common to just do the hand gesture as well.


Haha that’s amazing XD


でっち上げる to fabricate, to hoax



I thought this word would be really easy to read, but it uses the on readings which I never learnt with WK (the exception being 冬 in 冬至)




異世界 parallel universe

I was watching Skull Face Honda Bookseller and he said to a kid running around with a book called That Time I Got Reincarnated Naked, “Sir, those are isekai boobies!”

On jisho the translation of isekai is parallel universe, but I’m not sure that’s correct here? Either way I’ve learnt a new word.