Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


Ah, another oops!


The good point is that, this time, you have learned:

  • to distinguish between two different kanji
  • A Japanese word
  • A Chinese word

:stuck_out_tongue: The list just keeps growing.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t used anymore, since my English student found it strange that we have different words for the sound (thunder) and the light (lightning). Japanese people just use 雷 かみなり


稲妻 (lightning) and 雷鳴 (thunder) are pretty common words.
雷声 does not seem to be in common use (based on a google search) but that does not change its validity as a word (it is in the dictionary, after all).


unmarried persons living affluently

Found a 4 kanji word!


戸棚 (とだな) cupboard, closet
Literally “door-shelves” :star_struck:


殺し屋 (ころしや) Hitman


stumbled over けんじゃタイム today


  1. post-coital clarity; period after orgasm when a man is free from sexual desire and can think clearly (​Slang, Jocular, humorous term)



狂犬病 … oh yeah, it’s the mad-dog-disease: rabies :dog: :crazy_face:. So much info about the disease provided with the kanji.

I know many names of diseases in western countries are very self-explained if you’re aware of latin. But having the kanji in japanese names gives an extra visual aid to guess lot of them … so I’m kinda enjoying learning some common diseases in japanese. :sweat_smile:


祭る. To deify, enshrine, worship, etc.
I had NO IDEA 祭り was from a verb. After all this time. I feel like a fool.


I recently learned 赤痢 for dysentery. I have to admit it’s quite self exploratory…


兵役, へいえき

military service; conscription


only knew おっぱい


From a H game about catgirls, means fingering.
Those japanese and their habit to abbreviate everything!


Was talking with a Japanese friend about Terrace House, and she used both the words 恋愛 and 観察 when asking about the show. Was unfamiliar with those words, but they seem like pretty useful ones to know!

御御御付 ( おみおつ ) け a polite word for miso soup

The triple 御 is pretty crazy.


Somehow the top half of the furigana is blanked on my screen, I was able to read it by quoting it. I wonder if this is only with my system or if that happens with others as well.


お坊さん is the most recent in terms of like…meaning and reading. In terms of just reading though 偉い. 禅宗 is also being burned into me. 宗 as a character in general is honestly. Because of things like 宗教 and 臨済宗 and 黄檗宗.

生き字引 (いきじびき) - A walking dictionary :) 

Tagging @TamanegiNoKame because I’m 200% sure he’ll love this one :3


行き止まり(いきどまり) a dead end.