Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


Today I got a good feel for the difference between 洪水 and 浸水 even though I learned both here a long time ago and just thought of both as flood.

洪水 is the more general term for widespread water in an area, and 浸水 refers to water entering a smaller area. It could be due to widespread flooding or some other reason, like a broken pipe or something.

Today we have horrible thunderstorms so there are various 警報 (alerts) for different disasters, and school has been cancelled.

It started with a 土砂災害 (sediment disaster) alert, which is something that mainly includes landslides.

Then we got a 浸水 and 洪水 alert, and I wanted to know the difference.


Today I learned a new word and relearned a word!

警報 (けいほう)a warning or an alert
翻訳 (ほんやく)translation

I got 警報 because my school’s vice-princpal asked if I was okay even with the alert. I didn’t know the word at the time, so he gestured and it was a pretty funny encounter. 翻訳 is because I was trying to tell a teacher that it was okay that she used a translator because I did too and almost wrote the whole message before I realized I didn’t know the word for translation/translator.

I’m adding them here so I continue to remember them!!


The other day in a restaurant I ordered a しびれ豚丼. I didn’t get what the しびれ stood for until half way thought my meal when I couldn’t feel my tongue anymore… It was fun to try but what a strange idea for food :unamused:


Indeed. Seriously got up to 10 (loud) alerts today about the Katsura River in Kyoto. Also learned the word 氾濫(はんらん)= overflowing. It seems like it is an earlier stage of 洪水:


遺失物取り扱い所 / 遺失物取扱所 (いしつぶつとりあつかいじょ) – Lost & Found



Today I learned that あんパン means either “a bread roll filled with anko​ (red bean paste)” or “paint thinner placed inside a bag used as a drug​”…


I learned 意味 (meaning) from a Japanese translation of the Quran.


ベーコンクッキ - Bacon Cookie. I learned it from another thread on Wanikani. Had no idea bacon cookies were a thing before. :hushed:


土砂災害 / どしゃさいがい - mudslide

Kept seeing it on the NHK news broadcast; guessed it from the first 3 kanji and context but looked it up to be sure and to get the reading correct.


クジラ - whale

I was watching one of my English teachers talk about the Ogasawara Islands and she mentioned they have whale watching there. She asked what whale was in Japanese to the students, and so I got to learn whale in Japanese. Crazy thing is, today I saw that my younger kids just made posters about whales!


鶏肉 is chicken meat, not 鳥肉. As 鳥 refers to the animal, where as 鶏 refers to chicken as a food/meat.


太々しい(ふてぶてしい)= shameless; bold

My boss was talking about our new employee and how she is 太々しい because she refuses to do certain jobs she doesn’t want to do. I asked him the meaning of it and he just said “you Google it”. I did, and a bunch of bold cats showed up. He laughed and said “yeah, she is just like those cats”.
The new employee is from Osaka, so it fits very well with my image of Osaka people ^^


鶏 is chicken and 鳥 is bird, although sometimes 鳥 is used to talk about chicken.


I learn the word for Whale a while back by learning the origins of Godzilla (ゴジラ) being a mash up of Gorilla ゴリラ and Whale クジラ.

I don’t know the last word i learnt and i learnt a regularly from wanikani. I just reviewed them not that long ago aswell, but one i had written down that i saw on a show is 逆ギレ (ぎゃくきれ) it doesn’t have an English equivalent, but here is quote from Jisho:


世帯 (せたい) - household(s) [世 - society, generation, & 帯 - obi, tie, belt]

I had seen the kanji several times over the last few days watching NHK news of the floods, but only picked up the reading today and decided to look it up.


社会の窓 (しゃかいのまど)
A man’s fly (pants zipper), which apparently is his window to society.

As in the level 12 sentence for あく
“Your fly is open.”


向学心 (こうがくしん)

I randomly came across this word while learning ‘向’, but it really won over my heart.
Like @jprspereira senpai


Not a new word as such, but i recently learned thar ホーム (train platform) has nothing to do with home, but is in fact an abbreviation of プラットホーム!


Not a new word, I just more or less came here to prove that 里心, unlike what a lot of people seem to think, isn’t an useless word. I just encountered it for the first time outside WK today while reading 狼と香辛料:


Now I can officially say it was worth learning that word all those months ago.


From a level 12 sentence for 親分 (おやぶん = boss):
大目玉を食らう (おおめだまをくらう) = to get scolded severely, but looks to me like it literally says "to have one’s big eyeballs eaten. Nice image.

Edit: I suppose it could actually mean “the receiver of big eyeballs”, where the one doing the scolding has the bugeyes