Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

Indictment is basically the government does a pretrial process to see if they have enough evidence to make it worth actually trying someone for a crime. So for example, say a policeman shoots an innocent person. The government would start by holding an indictment trial in which a judge and jury decide if they think that what the policeman did can clearly be proven to be a crime or if there were any reasons it might not be a crime or might be at least in reasonable doubt. Then, if the government thinks they have a strong enough case, they issue an indictment, which is basically a formal charge for doing some crime. Then, the person is actually tried for that crime in a whole separate process. Suspension of indictment would be when such an indictment trial can’t go forward because the person being indicted is missing or some change in circumstances makes the indictment no longer practical. Sorry for the paragraph, hopefully that makes sense. What manga were you reading??

Yeah, in the link, rfindley explained it quite clearly.

Maki’s father just doesn’t want her to become an idol. He wants her to study for uni.

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Oh, whoops, did not follow the link. Sorry. The manga looks relatively interesting.

Also, to jump back to topic, 霊孤-れいこ I am not exactly sure what it means, having not found it in the dictionary I usually use, but it seems to be something along the lines of a spirit orphan from the story and the kanji.

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日帰り (ひがえり) - one day trip :slight_smile:


I was listening to this great song and following the lyrics to it posted in the comments, when I came across ファフロツキーズ, which is one of those katakana words you can’t figure out, even if you know English. I looked it up, and apparently, it’s the name of the weather phenomenon when animals fall from the sky during a fierce rainstorm.
It makes sense though considering that the song’s called “Rain.”


I realized recently while doing my reviews and I came across 戦車 that I can read the words 戦国時代. Mindblowing.



戦車 is really cool though. It’s another fine example of the Japanese keeping things straight forward.

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If only they could have done that for the rest of the damn language.

I thought I could use 気軽 but I thought to look it up just to check and it looks like 何気ない is more what I was looking for.

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I love the super literal ones like that. Very easy to remember!


You’ll probably like 地獄

The word, not the range of levels…or place…

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It’s a bit more esoteric, but it makes sense. I can’t say I’m a fan of words like 先生. Luckily I was already familiar with the word but those kinds of words I find harder to memorize.

I also suspect I will enjoy the pain of those levels. I’m loving the “painful” levels so far.

無理矢理. Love learning me some 四字熟語.


I don’t have the book with me at the moment, but I think it was 霊狐, which is a god fox, like 稲荷


When I saw this movie in theater, I didn’t even realize what band it was. Now I know why it sounded so familiar…

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点字ブロック - Those raised, usually yellow tiles on the floor for blind people to follow.

Learned since for some reason one of the train lines I use has changed their announcement from the standard ‘stand behind the 黄色い線’ to ‘stand behind the 黄色い点字ブロック’.


竜の落し子 たつのおとしご seahorse

I am in love with this word and the meaning. :heart_eyes:



ばくぜん vague

Back then everything was vague…

弱虫 (よわむし)Weakling, Coward




Sort of upset that its not about a woman who has a history of eating meat. Honestly it would have been a weird thing to say kinda, but that would work in the same context I found it lol.

Also funny because I just finished playing a game as evelynn, who is pretty well described by that word

EDIT: Pfft, I was wrong. I guess my experience with this kind of stuff had me assuming the worst. She just wanted to go on a date with her senpai and wanted him to cheer her on at the game. It was so sweet it melted my heart and here I was comparing her to evelynn lol. I guess 肉食系女子 doesn’t always have a bad connotation.

You also have 草食系(男子・女子)
Obviously, someone with the opposite type of personality.