Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

I have trouble remembering よくも

Wow, that turned dark at the end.

Then again, I guess a lot English nursery rhymes also have a darker subtext (“Rock-a-bye Baby”, “Ring Around the Rosie”, etc.). Thanks for posting the song.


Probably not, yeah. Then again, my parents don’t speak Japanese :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

吸い殻 - cigarette bud


如ママ・じょまま - jomama so fat when she goes to Japan she’s competing with Mt. Fuji for biggest mountain in Japan.


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How dare you? :angry:


執事・しつじ - 1. steward; butler​
2. court official​
3. deacon (Anglican, Lutheran, etc.)

伊達・だて - 1. elegance; dandyism; sophistication; having style​Usually written using kana alone
2. affectation; showing off; putting on an air; appearances; doing something just for show​Usually written using kana alone
3. Date

譲渡・じょうと - 1. transfer; assignment; conveyance
2. Assignment (law)

肥し・こやし - 1. manure; night soil; dung; fertiliser; fertilizer​
2. something that will help one develop in the future

威力・いりょく - 1. power; might; authority; influence

防御・ぼうぎょ - 1. defense; defence; safeguard; protection​
2. Defense

勿体無い・もったいない - 1. wasteful; a waste​Usually written using kana alone
2. too good; more than one deserves; unworthy of​Usually written using kana alone
3. impious; profane; sacrilegious

眩しい・まぶしい - 1. dazzling; radiant

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凄まじい・すさまじい - 1. terrific; fierce; terrible; tremendous; dreadful; awful; amazing; absurd; cutthroat; intense

潮流・ちょうりゅう - 1. tide; tidal current​
2. tendency; drift; trend

安堵・あんど - 1. relief; reassurance​
2. recognition of right to land ownership (by the shogunate, a feudal lord, etc.)
3. living safely surrounded by walls​

把握・はあく - 1. grasp; catch; understanding

運営・うんえい - 1. management; administration; operation

賠償・ばいしょう - 1. compensation; reparations; indemnity; damages

請求・せいきゅう - 1. claim; demand; charge; application; request; billing (for a service)

裸一貫・はだかいっかん - 1. having nothing except one’s body; having empty pockets; being penniless

掲げる・かかげる - 1. to put up (a notice, sign, etc.); to hang out (e.g. a banner); to fly (e.g. a flag); to hoist; to raise; to display​
2. to hold up high; to raise overhead​
3. to tout (a principle, plan, etc.); to herald; to hold up (an ideal); to parade (e.g. a slogan)​
4. to publish; to print; to carry (e.g. an article)​
5. to tuck up (e.g. sleeves); to roll up​
6. to stoke (a fire); to fan (a flame)

咥える・くわえる - 1. to hold in one’s mouth​Usually written using kana alone
2. to bring with; to take along

但し・しかし - but, however.

秤・はかり - 1. scales; weighing machine

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厄介(やっかい)trouble, nuisance (the growing pains of tech at work)

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間隔 - space, interval
I don’t think I’ve ever seen 隔, though my Anki deck claims I have 隔たる :joy:

航空輸送魍 - air traffic network
火山噴火 - volcanic eruption
火山灰 - volcanic ashes
農薬 - pesticide
冷製 - cold dish
路面 - road surface

(ねこ)() stooped back
(たみ) citizen
(むく)い – reward, compensation

撤回てっかい repeal

Hmm very relevant, Wanikani

かか - wife (vulgar)
Interesting radicals . . . a nosy woman is your wife. And this is a kokuji, so one can’t blame the ancient Chinese this time :upside_down_face:


Rather than “nosy” like “always prying into things”, it appears to be 鼻息のあらい女. Not that that is better or anything, but “nosy” like that is more of an English idiom thing.


恐竜 - dinosaur!



Could happen, not unlikely

Used after the ます-stem of a verb to indicate that something is not unlikely.

Could probably be a problem


This one


I was going to post that I’ve never seen it used like that, but judging from our recent history I’ll probably see it somewhere within the next two weeks. :joy:

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Yes, it’s probable :grimacing:

My little boy.

It’s mostly in comedy and stuff.