Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

Not exactly a word but I just came across 黄色い救急車 in a game.

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演技 while watching ビースターズ

()わせ(もの)cheat, a sham

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Another Beastars fan!! :rabbit: :hearts:

I saw that word a lot last night when I was watching Seinfeld and Elaine told Jerry she faked it every time when they were dating :rofl:

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影武者 - Political decoy/Body double

A shadow (影) military (武) someone (者)… So rather than being this military person, they are their shadow. In appearance it is them, but upon deeper inspection you realize it’s a decoy. That’s what we call a political decoy or body double, though literally it means shadow warrior.

Reading: かげむしゃ

This word uses the kun’yomi reading for 影 and the on’yomi readings for 武 and 者. The reading of 武 is a little different from what you learned, though, so here’s a mnemonic just in case:

You want to retreat from society. You hire a body double to assist you. This body double is a cow. When you ask the cow if they understood everything, the cow replies: "Moo (む)."

Visualize the cow impersonating you. This cow is a real man/woman/person. This cow likes doing skateboard. This cow is just like you - except from the fact they are a cow, maybe?

ザコ - small fry (also metaphorically refers to people)
絹布 - silk cloth
絹織物 - silk goods/fabrics
織物業 - textile industry

Smells like 甘い生活, but it’s just a dictionary search :stuck_out_tongue:

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釣竿 - fishing rod

I probably learned more, but none that stick out. But this was while reading a book I now cannot remember the name of.


Also works like “noob” in Internet slang

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錬鉄 - wrought iron
錬鋼 - wrought steel
尿検査 - urine test/analysis

白夜 - Midnight Sun

A white night is when the sky is still really bright at night. This could only mean the sun is still there - so it’s a midnight sun!

Reading: びゃくや

The reading of 白 is a bit different from the one you learned, so here’s a mnemonic to help you:

It’s the dead of the night and you cannot see. Suddenly, you see a bee and a yack approach one another, then fuse together to form a mythical creature called the byack (びゃく). The byack is a legendary creature with the luminescence of the sun, causing a wondrous midnight sun in the sky.

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It’s plant time:
観葉植物 - houseplant
光合成 - photosynthesis
液体肥料 - liquid fertilizer

狂い咲き - off-season flowering

県庁所在地 - prefectural capital
鬼ごっこ - playing tag
秤 - scales, weighing machine
手触り - touch
検疫 - quarantine
病状 - patient’s condition
鼓動 - pulsating, throbbing
炊き出し - emergency food distribution
酌婦 - barmaid
多様化 - diversification
大腸菌 - gut bacterium
宿借り - hermit crab

空襲 - air-raid, airstrike (good use of the 襲 kanji!)
政令指定都市 - ordinance-designated city
沼地 - marshland, swamp
勤め先 - place of work
相棒 - pal, partner
独学者 - self-learner (self-educated person)
裁判官 - judge

峡谷 - canyon
峡谷風 - canyon wind

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