Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

Nah, “ventriloquism” is all we’ve got. The English word is “belly-speaking” too, albeit in Latin. Venter loqui.


“Ventriloquism” is certainly a long and complicated word that I would expect children to struggle to spell, but I think it’s still known to most children.

And as for “belly-speaking”, it’s still the same in Japanese after all, huh. Probably a calque?


It’s only complicated in English. Doesn’t appear to be complicated in Japanese, and I know it isn’t either in German.

Yet another case of learning the word kana only but not with kanji, and now I see it in kanji finally.


Annoying, but if I make a post about it then maybe I wont have to make another card for it and will just remeber it.

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与党よとう - ruling party, party in power
政権交代せいきんこうたい - change of government
中間層ちゅうかんそう - the middle class
郎君ろうくん - young lord, young nobleman
渋滞緩和じゅうたいかんわ - alleviation of congestion (traffic especially)
覇権はけん - hegemony
厳選げんせんする - select carefully
実証実験じっしょうじっけん - proof of concept