Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

流暢【りゅうちょう】: 言語をペラペラ話す。 fluent (speaking a Ianguage). 例: 日本語を流暢に話したいな (I would like to speak Japanese fluently)

(ぬく)もり = warmth


弄る まさぐる、 not いじる

I’ve seen the words a few times, but just learned its kanji. Now I get to excessively question how 弄る is read in my head whenever I come across it.

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Thanks for this one! Looks like I had a typo in my Anki card for it.

油断(する)- negligence, carelessness
手柄 - achievement, feat
年金 - pension money
試し - trial, test
息が詰まる - to have trouble breathing
にやっと笑う - to grin broadly

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ながら見 - a slangy word for watching something while doing something else.

Convenient, since often the thing I’m ながら is vocab flashcards!


途方に暮れる - to be at a loss
食糧 - food provisions

国際連合教育科学文化機関 - erm… one of those words one won’t use at a kitchen table; UNESCO​

近づく! to get close

Do expressions count? If so then here’s a good one I just discovered when reading a manga



I just learned:

車椅子 (くるまいす) wheelchair

from WK’s wordlists. I find this word super cute lol.

I fee like I’ve seen these before but I revised these when I saw them on Bunpro:

肯定的 (こうていてき) positive
否定的 (ひていてき) negative


I learned 色鮮いろあざやか which means “colorful.” It was in this YouTube (which is very colorful), and I felt sad that I didn’t know it before.


I just learned a whole bunch from a currently airing anime…
That are maybe less appropriate than they could be.

興奮 (こうふん)

発散 (はっさん)
emission/letting out, but can be used to mean ejaculation
eg. そしたらその人と色々発散して (And then, you could get off with that person)

二股野郎 (ふたまたやろう)
Seeing two people romantically plus less polite word for a person = two-timing bastard

発情 (はつじょう)
sexual excitement, coming into heat
eg. 発情期 (はつじょうき)「mating season / in heat」

性欲 (せいよく)
sexual desire / lust


This one also means lust: 欲情
Makes me wonder what kind of anime that is :joy:. Not a romcom I’m guessing?

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I see you are also a purveyor of fine goods and watching the anime too! :stuck_out_tongue: Indeed it is a romcom.

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That one’s actually on WK. :joy:



slang- to be fed up (with); to be tired (of); to be bored (with); to be unable to bear

Caught my attention while watching an anime with english subs because it sounds fun. Actually the way it was translated was pretty interesting.

The character was rolling around on the ground, complaining that her ribs migjt be broken. Then she stopped and got up, saying もへきへき, which they translated as “I’m okay now.” But it seems like that translation missed the nuance. Seems more like the character was saying “and now Im bored (of acting so hurt)”

I rather suspect it might have been もう平気平気

Though you still learnt a new word, either way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh, you’re probably right! I was watching it on my phone and couldn’t get the subs to switch to Japanese to double check. So I just looked up what I heard as best I could.

Now I’ve learned two new words ^^ Thanks.

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辟易 is what your definition was for and it’s still a very good word to learn :slight_smile:

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Ah, seems like its the same thing?

Takoboto Japanese Dictionary (for Andriod)

No, hekiheki isn’t a word. It’s just a mishearing of the word ekieki at best.

If you don’t trust my word, take a natives



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