Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

I just learned 手作り from WK, but what was interesting is that I very recently received a gift from my family in the form of a saké subscription and the subscription I was signed up for was called the Tezukuri package. Now I understand why!


Nice! Isn’t it great when stuff like that happens?


It’s what keeps me going. Otherwise it’s all academic and theoretical and makes it feel pointless. But when I can actually use the language, it makes it all worthwhile! There’s a Japanese store near me and I go in every so often just to browse and see how much more I can understand on the packaged products. I also have a Zojirushi thermos and there’s a warning label on it. I have this idea that one day I’ll actually be able to read the entire thing. Since I see it every single day when I have my coffee, it’s a constant motivator, especially when a new section becomes more clear to me. It’s kind of silly, but, hey, whatever works!


#justkatakanathings :smiley:
My brain still often refuses to process katakana whenever I see it. I just look at the word, my brain goes “nope” and I continue with the rest of the text. マジ!

I think that’s awesome! I kind of feel that way about anime and just spoken Japanese. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to “just” understand it effortlessly :D.

Today’s word is 生まれ変わり - rebirth

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Haha well I definitely can’t effortlessly read Japanese! But theoretically with enough exposure that’s what would eventually happen. The foreign language I read most easily is German and it’s definitely not effortless but it’s much much more automatic than when I started doing it.

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Well, my word is 悲鳴 ひめい shriek or scream, and I came accross it on a webnovel.

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This phrase:



Making sweeping generalizations

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正々堂々:Fair and square. Not sure i’d have much use for the word, but eh.

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民間放送局 - radio/tv broadcast station (although 民間 sounds funny)


Useless or Good-For-Nothing


How did yougo along playing Three Houses in Japanese? I also plan on doing so eventually.

It’s a good game to play in JP in the sense that everything has voiceover and there’s a log feature that lets you read and listen again to all dialogue, so anytime someone says something you can just press a button to hear it again or go back to previous lines, etc. Very useful, very helpful.

The subject matter however is not the easiest one for intermediate learners. There is a lot of words related to nobility (counts, dukes, heirs and the like), as well as weapons and ofc gaming terms, but those you might know from other fantasy manga/games already. Some characters play a lot with words or try to sound clever (Claude in particular), which may make you dislike them (or at least not wanna talk to them) just because they make you work harder to understand them. xD Some characters also talk in a verbose way and/or use uncommon kanji just because they can, particularly the proud nobles like Ferdinand and Lorenz.

Most dialogue is quite easy to understand though, the support conversations and small talks at the Monastery and stuff. It’s mainly these characters I mentioned and the scenes that explain the lore and all the “mythology” of Fódlan that might trip you up, so you might feel a little lost in the overall plot if you don’t stop to look vocabulary up but it’s not the worst.

There’s also a lot of skills for each character and those have “made up” names a lot of times, like just two or three kanji put together for their individual meaning, so it can get tiring to look everything up (especially kanji you don’t know the reading of) but you can also just ignore them if/when tired. As long as you understand the descriptions you should be fine, and you can also play on Easy if you don’t care about the gameplay too much and would rather just enjoy the story and characters. Doing a first playthrough in English could be a good idea though, so you can understand how the game itself works, then after that you can plan other routes in Japanese to see the rest of the story without worrying about what you already know.

A good thing as well is that the FE community is quite dedicated so the EN wikia has transcriptions of a lot of stuff (I know for sure all support conversations are there, for instance), so if you’re playing in JP and a particular sentence/scene is not making sense you can always go there to check how it was translated into English. Be prepared to discover that they took many liberties with the text, though. Ofc, there are a lot of let’s plays on YT as well so you don’t really need to worry about not understanding something: every part of the game is available on the internet to read/watch if you look for it.

That’s about it, I think. I highly recommend the game btw, had a lot of fun with it!


Picked from daily life




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読書家 - bookworm :slight_smile:
読書(する) - reading
次女 - second daughter
次男 - second son


舌苔ぜったい the white film that accumulates on your tongue (literally “tongue moss”)

Seen on a poster about mouth hygiene at school.


冷静になる: to collect oneself; to cool off; to recover oneself​

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痴話喧嘩 dispute among a couple, usually over stupid trifling matters.

Today I learned 高速道路 (highway). From Bunsuke’s newsletter, actually.