Most Common Way to Write ”晩ご飯”

I’ve seen 晩ご飯 written as ばんごはん, 晩ご飯, AND 晩御飯 which way is the most common way it’s written?

Also! Besides does anyone know of any sites where I can look things like this up? I used to have one I’d go to but it’s since closed down…


There’s a fourth one :smiley: Which might be the most common one from my experience:


From the two decades I’ve known the word, 晩ご飯 is the most prevalant I’ve seen. Your mileage may vary. Outside of WK, 夕飯 is also pretty common…


Interesting. It seems to just be whittled down to whatever the spacebar chooses for each person… Gotta love it. Thank you!

I didn’t even think about 夕飯…hmm…

My keyboard’s first instinct is 晩御飯, but I believe 晩ご飯 is most common way of writting ばんごはん. Btw, 夕飯 isn’t an option as a way of writing 晩ご飯, probably because it’s an entirely different word, ゆうはん. But the intention was to show that 夕飯/夕ご飯 is a another way of saying dinner. If we want to add another one, 夕食 is also quite common.


I usually see 御 written as お/ご in most things I read.


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