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Hi everyone,

I just discovered Wanikani about a week ago. I registered January 5 and started learning the radicals. I didn’t even know these existed, haha.

I have been watching anime since I was about 12 so I have learned some words by hearing over the past 17 years. I started learning Japanese on my own a few times, with books where I started transcribing the words to romaji and all and I liked it but long-term the kanas just didn’t stuck in my head. I had been trying to study some with Duolingo on and off the last year, but I had the same issue. Short term I would remember the hiragana it taught but long term, not so much. Now with the new hiragana-only lessons I felt more progress but I figured I would need to take real lessons or start learning how to write for it to stick. Then a few weeks ago I looked up some of my fave manga scanlator group’s site where they talked about self studying the language and mentioned Wanikani. I thought I’d give it a try. Then I found the link to tofugu’s hiragana guide and my life changed!

Today (January 12) I learned the last of the main hiraganas and I can confidently recall them on the quiz. I even tried some Duolingo lesson and I could do them with so much more confidence :slight_smile: I even managed to read some manga titles with minimal help and it made me so happy. I really doubted mnemonics would be something that could work for me, but here we are barely a week later. Now I feel really hyped to actually, seriously start to learn the language! I am following some of the tofugu guides and considering what kind of books to get later on. This will be my little log to track events and self-motivate. Any suggestions are welcome and I’d love to make some friends on this journey :slight_smile:

Goals for the month:

  • learn the combined hiraganas
  • start the Wanikani kanji lessons
  • make more notes in my notebook
  • practice a bit on Duolingo
  1. january 12
    Japanese text: exists
    Morgan, trying to decipher it: woman power cross ground

2021.january 13

  • duolingo hiragana 1 is maxed out :slight_smile:
  • started learning the kanjis! this is much harder… to memorize the hiragana sequence for the meaning and to do so without illustrations :no_mouth: I really need to start making notes so I will memorize them easier

2021.january 22.

  • dakuten learned :white_check_mark:
  • duolingo hiragana 3 is completed
  • I could read some manga titles this week :eyes:
  • started a proper notebook and printed the kana and hiragana charts for it, and the mnemonic charts. started making notes for the first set of wanikani kanjis!
  • need to set some time to study the kanjis in proper because just reading through the written mnemonics does not help me remember the japanese spelling. too bad these don’t come with illustrated mnemonics. i do remember the meanings though at least.
  1. march 10

Slowly but surely…

  • Hiragana learned fully :white_check_mark:
  • Katakana in progress - first four groups learned
  • bought a Japanese vocabulary book

December 10 - year summary

Started taking actual classes so I can actually write some full sentences now in hiragana。

I can read hiragana, katakana, and learned my first few kanjis。

So far in school we have 日、川、山、月、木、田、門、人、口、車

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