More info on search results page?

Hi all,
Now that I’m getting back into WK after a few months off and over 3,000 items to clear, I find myself on the search results page quite often - and I really wish it was a well-designed page with some useful info, such that I wouldn’t have to constantly click into a result, back out, search again, etc.

There’s so much empty space; why not add some or all of:

  • Level
  • Part of speech [e.g. noun, adjective/type, verb/type etc]
  • Onyomi and kunyomi readings (first one or maybe two, of each?)
  • (maybe, for kanji only) radical combination names

Is there anything out there that does something like that?


2794 reviews… God speed, my friend.

Thanks! It’s a few hundred down on what it was a couple of days ago!