More detailed stats endpoint?

A long time ago (in the API V1 era) there was a lot more detailed endpoint. I’ve tried using the wayback machine to find the docs for reference, but can’t find it so the best I have documentation for is my old Python code

data = self.get("{}/srs-distribution")
levels = GaugeMetricFamily(
    "wanikani_items", "Levels of current items", labels=["item", "level"]
totals = GaugeMetricFamily("wanikani_total", "Totals by type", labels=["item"])
for level, items in data["requested_information"].items():
    for item, count in items.items():
        if item == "total":
            totals.add_metric([level], count)
            levels.add_metric([item, level], count)

This basically yielded something like

wanikani_total{item="radicals"} <count>
wanikani_total{item="kanji"} <count>
wanikani_total{item="vocab"} <count>
wanikani_items{item="radicals", level="apprentice"} <count>
wanikani_items{item="kanji", level="apprentice"} <count>
wanikani_items{item="vocab", level="apprentice"} <count>
wanikani_items{item="guru", level="apprentice"} <count>

Which I used to create some graphs of progress over time.

With the release of V2 (many years ago) a lot of these summary endpoints disappeared, and now you need to loop over assignments to build a same summary table

Would it be possible to get an additional statistics api, to reduce the amount of api calls required client side, (and likely reduce server side load)

I would imagine something simple, that just returns a quick count of each of the types

   "radicals":{<srs_level>: <srs_count>, ... } 
   "kanji":{0: 000, , 1: 111, 2:0, 3:333, ...} 
   "vocab":{<srs_level>: <srs_count> } 
# Old SRS level names for reference
        1: "apprentice",
        2: "apprentice",
        3: "apprentice",
        4: "apprentice",
        5: "guru",
        6: "guru",
        7: "master",
        8: "enlightened",
        9: "burned",

ref: WaniKani API Reference

This is the kind of graph that was previously easier to create, but now requires looping through quite a few paginated api calls