More Burned items, but new Kanjis are more diifficult to memorize

As I had been focusing on my N5 studies for this Dec exam, I had only done like 10-50 reviews per day and 3 new lessons per day. But I got more Burned items now and I almost cleared more than 700 review items (left with 120 items).

Maybe because of the different focus, I found that it’s more difficult to memorize new kanjis and more difficult to retain them.
So I decided to write them down with proper stroke order and it helped me tremendously .

More self discipline and more immersion is needed, definitely.

Enjoy your day, everyone!


Writing kanji is fun :smile:


Writing kanji is fun! It definitely helps me take an extra minute to “study” and look at the strokes for each kanji while writing them on actual flashcards. I think it helps “burn” them into my brain a bit easier, something that I wouldn’t be able to do just by looking at them on a screen. I have a stack of flashcards now that just permanently sits on my desk, and I expect that pile to get out of control once I hit the level you’re at :sweat_smile:


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