Monster Hunter Iceborn Joke


My brother linked me a video about the new Monster Hunter Iceborn to translate a joke but I didn’t quite understand it.

The closest that I came to was この親父(がど)お疲れます as something like “this old man did enough for today” then the other guy said…Niceborne! So an old man was able to give birth to a child?

I hope someone can help me with this haha.

The link:


Well the question was about a joke that can’t be translated. So if nobody can translate it, it’s not strange at all :rofl:

Probably just a pun with Iceborn, adding an N as prefix to make it Niceborn. おつかれ is often used to say “Good job!” or “Nicely done!” There’s probably no deeper meaning to a joke that somebody made up in 2 seconds.


Thanks for the answer pope :wink:


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