Mokuro: Read Japanese manga with selectable text inside a browser

I have recently dowloaded Mokuro and Yomichan.
Way to late. (WAY TO LATE!)

Anyway. It looks like that Mokuro doesn’t support AVIF image format, and conversion is a bit of a pain.

Are there plans to implement it, or some workarounds?

Thank you for this wonderful instrument!

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I would probably still go the conversion route.
You can do it with ffmpeg.

If you want to go that route and need some assistance let me know, I’ll be happy to help. I’m so grateful for the experience of reading with Mokuro!
(I have also myself converted some PDF to jpg because I really want to read with Mokuro, so that’s also why I can recommend it)

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Thank you for your reply. I kind of expected it wouldn’t be so easy.
Then, for the sake of records and completion. I will write how I did it so other can do the same
(or criticise, or improve. I am open to suggestions!)

I used AVIF to JPG - Convert AVIF to JPG online for free to make the conversion from AVIF to JPG.
It is the only website I found that allowed for a batch (20 images at a time) free conversion and bulk download. It is still ncessary to dowload the compressed folder and decompress but oh well.

It took too many clicks for my taste but I was watching netflix, so…

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The author of the software takes requests on their GitHub Issues page, so you can ask there (requires signing up for a free GitHub account).

I suspect supporting AVIF format may be considered outside the scope of Mokuro, as it’s an edge case and requires pulling in an extra plugin.

But it wouldn’t hurt to post there and see whether the author adds support or closes the request as “not planned”.

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This sounds nsfw.


Hi! I have installed mokuro, and it seems to run alright. But the only file I get is an empty html file with the folder name, even though there are two pdf files in the folder.

Should I be doing something different? If I add the exact directory of the pdf file, it does not recognize it as a directory.

mokuro runs on images, not pdfs, you need to extract those images from it, and then run mokuro on the folder of the images.
There’s also a flag for accepting a folder of folders of images for volumes and such

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Ah, thank you! I thought I was doing something wrong…

Is there any script for the conversion? Or do I find an online converter?

You can probably do it with calibre, that’s the thing that jumps to my mind, since you can import books in pdf format and export into images (it’s the “ZIP” output option there, then you can just unzip it and it will have the images in a folder I believe).
There are probably more specialized tools, but if you are dealing with books anyways, calibre is a great thing to have.
If you want, I can try to write up a quick guide for that option


I actually have calibre and use it, but I didn’t know there was this option.

Thank you so much for the quick replies!


Let us know if it works with Calibre. I converted a PDF to jpg recently using ffmpeg to be able to use Mokuro so I can guide you on the steps if you need :slight_smile:

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Bit of an overkill imo :joy: calibre should work fine in most cases. Not sure how exactly it would handle images embedded into pages, but if your entire page is a single image, it should be more than fine.

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It works just fine :slight_smile:

Now the only problem to solve is that yomichan does not recongize the text of the html file.

Any ideas anyone?

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Are you allowing yomichan to run on local files?

Our one and only @ChristopherFritz explains the process here


You just beat me to it, was going to link to the same post :joy:

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Now I do, and it works! Without you guys I would have punched a hole through my laptop a couple of times already. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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Enjoy the reading :grin:

Has anyone had any luck using Mokuro processed files on Android 13? Normal HTML or Mokuto2PDF I don’t care, I’m about to set fire to Google HQ.

Works beautifully on Desktop, but can’t get it to work on Android–I’ve moved files to Kiwi Browser’s downloads folder using the split screen trick with a file explorer capable of viewing root, but that’s where my luck ends.

more issues

Nothing I do lets me view file paths using the browser. file:/// of any link doesn’t work, it just opens a Google search. content:/// at least tells me “file couldn’t be accessed”

Trying to open the html using the File folder opens it in “content://” which can’t load the image, since the html file is trying to open an image in “*/FILENAME” and the actual files are on com.kiwibrowser.browser not

PDFs, of course, don’t open natively on android browsers and I haven’t found an extension that works with Yomichan.