Mobile extension for saving words

My idea was for example if I would sit or walk somewhere I would be like, what is this called in Japanese. So I search lt up on jisho, know I want to know if there is a extension where can I can store this word to build up my vocubulary list.

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I use the app Midori on my phone as my dictionary, and it has a section to save words to lists. You can probably use that or a similar app to act as both your dictionary and a list.


Shirabe Jisho for ios has a favorite function (and flashcards built in), and Aedict for android also allows you to create vocab lists. Good thing about both these 2 dictionaries is that they work offline too.


I use Takoboto for Android.
When you search a word you can add it to a custom list and practice with flashcards as well.

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This app seems promising, thanks.

I had a question, can’t I just download the whole N5 of the kanji section, because I don’t see a download option.

There’s an “export to file” option on the lists page, but I don’t know exactly what that will do. Probably will export all lists and then you have to filter what you want.

The best Android dictionary that I’ve found so far has been “Akebi”. It also allows you to build up words into lists and upload it to a SRS platform like Kitsun or Anki.