Mnemonics not corresponding with correct English meaning

This is something I’ve noticed for some time in various places but forgot to actually gather concrete examples for. It’s an issue I’ve known I had before. I noticed that in the mnemonic for 迫 (urge) uses urge in sense of a desire, the noun definition.

Atop a water slide flowing with rapid white water, I feel the urge to slide down.

You feel the urge to make the water flow more violently.

But that isn’t the correct meaning of the kanji, and I only noticed it by checking the synonyms; compel, coerce. This is demonstrated how there is no vocab for 迫 which uses the noun meaning of urge. It instead takes the verb form of urge’s defintion, which corresponds with compel and coerce.
So then why is compel or coerce not the primary meaning? Or addressing the larger problem, why is the mnemonic using urge in an improper form relative to the intended meaning?

I know there are other instances of this exact thing happening in other mnemonics, but unfortunately I can only point out this exact one only. If anyone else can remember an instance I would like for you to share it.

This is a problem in that you have to relearn the meaning unnecessarily. It isn’t a major problem, but if you never catch that there’s an inconsistency in the meaning it can certainly cause some confusion.


切迫 means urgency

That isn’t the noun meaning. Looking at the synonyms for 切迫, it’s pressure, imminent, draw near. That doesn’t correlate with “a strong desire or impulse.” (the noun definition of urge)

Yeah, there’s more than a few words where Koichi displays a fairly loose grasp of English, though I can’t recall any specific examples off the top of my head. Like, there’s a kanji (or vocab item?) which means something-or-other, but all of the mnemonics actually involve a completely different (though similar-sounding) word.

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For 扱 they use a physical handle for the mnemonic, instead of its actual meaning synonymous with operate (a machine)


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