Mnemonics for Japanese vocabulary in Tamil need feedbacks for using it to pass n4 or n3 exam

Hi guys,

I have been writing mnemonics for Japanese vocabulary words with sentences mixed with Tamil and English,I call it as TANGLISH=Tamil +English as roots of Tamil and Japanese were similar,it is possible for me to write this for over 1000 words,

In some scenarios I formed mnemonics sentences with only Tamil ,in some scenarios i formed mnemonics sentence with pure English and in some scenario I formed sentence mixed with Tamil and English.

But this method will be useful ONLY to people who knows BOTH TAMIL, ENGLISH and trying to study Japanese.

If someone wants to see a sample I can send a sample sentence.

So far I have written vocabulary mnemonics for over 1000 words
Or for 23 chapters in genki book,

My aim is to clear the n3 exam or n4 exam .
I have a few questions.

1)With vocabulary knowledge of 23 genki chapters or over 1000 vocabulary words and kanji would I be able to clear n4 exam ?

2)I am trying to expand my mnemonic work to target n3,as per this site there are almost 1800 unique words for n3.

So with this vocabulary knowledge i.e 1800+1000 can I be able to clear the n3 exam.?

I need suggestion on the point of clearing the exam
If the vocabulary is not enough to clear the exam how much vocabulary do I need to know for clearing exam,need suggestion and advice for clearing exam.

NOTE:I am trying to pass n4 or n3 exam in 6 months or trying to attain decent spoken level Japanese upto n4 or n3 level in another 6 months.

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