Mnemonic suggestions for 事情?

Does anyone have a foolproof mnemonic for 事情? the one in wanikani isn’t working for me. i have literally never gotten the meaning correct

((+ETA+ please don’t 'splain to me how mnemonics work))

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a foolproof mnemonic that will work for everyone ever.

Probably the one that’ll be easiest to remember is one you come up with yourself.

I realize that this is not exactly helpful. Sorry. :smiley:

"apparently this is too 'splainy

Things that help a mnemonic stick will be different for every person’s learning style. A lot of people have some success using spatial awareness, sense memory and the like to help fix it in the brain.

Writing a story that uses the radicals and target word, that features things that are memorable to you might help. Maybe it plays out somewhere you often are, it uses people, senses that evoke something from you etc.

As for me, thing+feeling… Circumstance made enough sense that I could remember it by repeatedly running it through the SRS. I’m expecting it to get bumped down again when it comes up for enlightenment, but it’s gonna be burned eventually, so I’m fine with that. :shrug: not a mnemonic, really, just wanted to throw it out there that sometimes brute force memorization is an option.


Try looking up example sentences on weblio to help get a better sense for the word’s contextual meaning:


I’m struggling with this one right now too.
“Thing… feeling… probably just feeling”



I love threads like these because I don’t really bother making many mnemonics otherwise, and the ones I end up making for these are usually so incredibly stupid that I never forget them. :upside_down_face:

The only thing that came to mind that could sound like じじょう is mispronounced G.I. Joe :sweat_smile:

I think it could make a decent mnemonic though. Let’s see :

“Because of unforeseen circumstances, the G.I. Joes will now be call the Gee Joes (事情). The reason is we had complaints that 自愛 Joe sounded too much like a masturbation mascot. We apologize for the situation.”


LOL you did an amazing job. Not sure about OP, but I’ll certainly be able to remember the reading and meaning forever now

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