Mnemonic sugestion for 滞る

So the mnemonic for 滞る kind of sucks and it’s more or less acknowledged in the mnemonic itself.
The reading is とどこおる and it means “To be overdue”… the current mnemonic reads:

“Just think of Tod (とど and some coot (こお) doing something wild even though they’re overdue for something else, or something.”

When there’s a glaring mnemonic right there in the reading!

Take the word for “to deliver” - とどく and the word for “to freeze” こおる and put them together! – "The DELIVERY was FROZEN and thus became OVERDUE!

glad i could help


One of my biggest leeches. Thanks for that!

Please tell me you’re paraphrasing. That’s not actually the mnemonic, is it? “Overdue for something else, or something”?

“Hey yeah, you know the thing? Remember the thing.”

They left out this first part, which acknowledges the weakness of the mnemonic.

“The reading for this one is wildsauce. I’m going to leave this one to your capable hands.”

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I thought something like “my TODO list is frozen”, but it might actually be related to とどく :slight_smile:

I always thought you were overdue “to do core” (とどこおる), as in core workout or something similar.

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