Mnemonic for the reading of vocab 保守的 (lvl 16)


I was confused when I got the reading wrong three times in a row while learning this word for the first time.

The mnemonic for the reading of the word 保守的 in level 16 is the following:

The reading doesn’t match up for this word’s 守. The reading is しゅ, but you can remember that because the conservatives want to protect and preserve their hoes (ほ) and their shoes (しゅ) from the government. For some reason those get taxed a lot.

However, the word “chute” has been used so far for the sound しゅ while “shoes” has been used for しゅう.

Should I get used to have chute and shoes used interchangeably for these sounds? or is it a mistake?


Sounds like a mistake. Pop an email to


@JenK In case you see this first

Just checking now, give me a bit of time, thanks!

We added this to our review list so our content team will fix it when it comes up during their meetings. It’ll take a bit of time but once it’s updated, it’ll be added to the Content Updates category.


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