Mnemonic for 逃す

So I just learned 逃す and came up with a fart joke. As you do.

I tried to 逃す but there was no gasu.

I’ll be here all night.


The challenge is to get it right together with 逃がす (にがす), it’s just too confusing.


Hmm… I’ll sit on that for a while.

Wrote this in another thread, but here

The に in 逃がす basically knees the が out of it. When the が turns to say what the hell, the に begins singing “Let it Go”. (To let go)

The のが is stuck in the kanji 逃す because your noggin is stuck in you brain. Furthermore, you can’t get out of you mind the song “Let it Go”!! (To let go) (same definition)

Alternatively, you can always imagine your に passing がす


Take my wife… please!

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