Mnemonic for 腰抜け

The mnemonic for 腰抜け starts with: You learned that 抜ける is “to fall out.”

Eh, no, I haven’t learned that yet :wink:! I’m doing the vocab lesson in the default order and 抜ける appears later than 腰抜け.


@Mods what do you think?


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pass this on to the content team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @durteloni ! This isn’t the expected behavior so we’re looking into it. What scripts do you have installed?

No script. I usually use vanilla WK for lessons and Tsurukame for reviews, but in this case I did the lesson in Tsurukame.
The “Found In Vocabulary” on WK for 抜 lists 腰抜け two items above 抜ける and this is also how it appeared in my lesson batch, i.e. two vocabs ahead.

Tsurukame is a bunch of scripts bundled into a third party app that works on iOS…

We are lucky that it is in fact a native app :smiley: [iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews . I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve not had an issue with lesson ordering before, Tsurukame seems to sync the lesson order with WK very well. It looks from the order of the vocab list on the WK kanji page itself that maybe a simple swap will fix it. In any case, not a big deal.

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I used to do the lessons on Tsurekame but I prefer to do them on wanakani and use Tsurekame just for reviews for the undo for typos and the skip button so I can immediately push items that take me more than a second to recall to the end of the line and then if I don’t remember the second time around let them drop a level.
I prefer the lessons on Wanikani because it slows me down with the way I switch from english to 日本語 and there’s less data (can’t see the entire allow list).
I had this issue a couple of time due to items movements, but as you say no big deal, just important to notify wanikani so they’ll put those reviews in the correct order or change the phrasing so there’s no missing data (like putting if you already learned for both items that way the order doesn’t matter).

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Totally offtopic, but I just had to laugh really hard at your username. durteloni is awesome :joy: they should name one of these things that are not to be talked about after you :smile: